Who Should Have Both Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine During Coronavirus Outbreak?

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We are living the days when the fight against COVID-19, which has affected the worldcontinues to increase and vaccine trials for Covid still proceed. In this articlewe explain the patient group that we strongly recommend getting flu and pneumonia vaccine during Corona Outbreak.

Pneumonia and flu vaccine does not protect against COVID-19 virus. However, if you have a possible Covid disease, with the weakening of immunity and having pneumonia and flu together, this may cause Covid to be more severe. Therefore, the vaccine will reduce your chances of getting flu and pneumonia. This will also reduce your chances of getting pneumonia and flu with Covid.

Pneumonia vaccine is a vaccine used to protect against pneumonia and other infections caused by a group of bacteria called pneumococci. There are two types of pneumococcal vaccine.  Polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine (PPA) and conjugated pneumococcal vaccine (KPA). Since the protection of the polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine is 5 years, people under 65 years of age should repeat it every 5 years. But, the conjugated pneumococcal vaccine is protective for life, a single dose is sufficient.

Most importantly, we highly recommend that all individuals over the age of 65 with chronic lung diseasechronic heart diseasechronic liver diseasediabetes, alcohol addiction, smokers, immunocompromised patients, HIV-positive people, patients without spleen and cancer patients get pneumonia vaccine.

If you have been vaccinated polysaccharide before, at least 1 year later we advise you to be inoculated conjugated vaccine.

Patient group who should have both pneumonia and flu vaccine:

 Those with spleen disease (hemoglobinopathies or those with spleen removed
 Congenital or acquired immunodeficiency
HIV + persons
 Those with chronic kidney failure
Nephrotic syndrome
Patients with common cancer
 Organ transplant recipients
 Those who use immunosuppressive drugs
Multiple Myeloma patients
 Cochlear implants

However, we do not advise the pneumonia vaccine for children over 2 years old and healthy adults under 65 years old

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