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Which Nuts are Immune System Boosters?

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Nuts as a Immune System Booster

In our previous articles, we emphasized the importance of strengthening the immune system against the coronavirus epidemic, which has an effect all over the world. We also mentioned about which vitamin-C foods we should eat nowadays. Now, in this article, we will explain the positive effects of nuts on the human body, especially on immune system.

In these days while the time spent at home is increasing, we, including children, should consume healthy and nutritious foods that will strengthen our immune system. Nuts are among these foods. Nuts protect us from unhealthy snacks and provide a feeling of satiety. We can consume nuts containing vitamins and minerals necessary for our body to gain resistance against viruses and diseases. However, make sure that the packaging of these nuts is closed and carefully packed.

So What Are These Nuts That Strengthen Immunity?

Almonds are in the first place in nuts that strengthen immunity. It would also be appropriate to add hazelnuts and walnuts to the nutrition list.

According to the researches, vitamin E strengthens the body’s defense mechanism. Hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and sunflower seeds are vitamin E-rich foods.

Zinc is known for healing wounds and supporting immunity. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc. Almond is also a source of both zinc and calcium.

On the other hand, selenium which is an extremely important mineral for the human body is of key importance in maintaining the body’s metabolism. So, in which nuts can we find selenium? Cashews contain a lot selenium. We can meet the need for Omega-3 fatty acids that body can not produce itself by consuming walnuts, as well.

Lastly, you can consume a handful of mixed nuts every day. However, since they are high in calories, be careful not to exceed this amount.   

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