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What to Pay Attention in Selection of Collagen-Containing Skin Care Products?

collagen containing skin care products

You’ll recall! In our previous article Foods Containing Collagen  we mentioned that collagen, naturally exists in human body, ensures the body to look vivid and enhances its flexibility. However, it starts to decrease starting from the 30s. In addition, in this article, we have compiled for you collagen-containing foods to prevent collagen deficiency.

Now, we will handle skin care products containing collagen and what we should pay attention in selection of these products.

Collagen-containing skin care products include collagen cream, collagen serum, collagen tonic and ampoules. You can use these products in routine day and night skin care.

But at this stage, we want to emphasize one thing to you.

We highly recommend you to mainly consume natural foods containing collagen. Because collagen, unlike creams or masks applied to the skin, when taken from food, after a while it is mixed with the blood. It naturally penetrates into different layers of the body. Therefore, even if you apply skin care products such as masks and creams, do not forget to consume foods that contain collagen or support collagen production.

It is also worth making a reminder!

Collagen should be one of the active ingredients of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams. There are also many types of collagen used in cosmetic products. The type of collagen used in skin care products should be compatible with the skin. So then you can get more effective results.

Now let’s take a look at these collagen-containing skincare products that you can use to moisturize, tighten and protect your skin from signs of aging!

Firming Collagen Ampoule: You can use support ampoules with enriched marine collagen before or after mask application.

Firming Collagen Eye Cream: Before applying moisturizer to your face, you can use the effect of collagen by using a firming eye cream.

Collagen Tonic: Make your tonic selection from products that contain collagen, as well. With this tonic, you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin smoother and brighter.

Firming Collagen Cream: For both day and night care, you can choose face creams with intensive collagen.

Finally, as we explained above, please pay particular attention to the fact that the collagen contained in these products is compatible with the skin to get desired results.

Wishing you a healthy life!

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