What is Whey Diet? How the Whey Diet Works?

weight loss whey diet

The whey diet involves replacing one or more meals with a whey drink. Even if the pounds do not fall overnight, this form of diet can achieve long-term success. Learn more about the whey diet here.

What is the Whey Diet?

Whey is a product that is a by-product of curd and cheese making. It contains the vitamins and minerals of milk, very high quality (although extremely low) protein and virtually no fat. Whey has always been considered a “health elixir”.

How the Whey Diet Works?

Today, the acidic drink can be prepared in the form of whey powder. Depending on the intensity of the whey diet, one fasts with whey or replaces one or more meals completely or partially with whey drinks. Whey fasting is more comparable to Buchinger fasting. Those who carry out a whey cure on a long-term basis and at home should replace a maximum of one main meal and the meals in between with a whey drink so that no nutrient deficiency occurs.

What the Diet Brings?

A drink made from whey, pureed fruits or vegetables or a whey mix with juices can definitely replace a main meal due to its valuable ingredients. There is no danger of a nutrient deficiency – provided that the other meals are varied.

Thanks to lactic acid and lactose, whey promotes digestion, while potassium helps to drain the body. Particularly in the case of overweight people, a greater sense of well-being quickly sets in, even if this is not associated with any real loss of body fat.

In summary, the benefits of the whey diet:

healthy in the long term
no absolute prohibitions
simple and suitable for everyday life
no calorie and fat counting
suitable for restaurants

Risks of the Diet

In order to prevent nutrient deficiencies, one should at most replace the main meal or one or the other snack with a whey drink and otherwise eat a normal diet (varied and balanced).

Whey Diet: Conclusion

The conclusion of the whey diet is good if you do not have too big and fast weight loss goals. If you replace a meal with a whey drink, you will only lose weight slowly. But at the same time, you clean up your digestion and supply your body with important minerals and vitamins.

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