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What is Tapioca? Benefits of Tapioca Starch? Unhealthy?


What is Tapioca Starch, Which Has Recently Become Popular in World Cuisines?

Tapioca has recently become popular in world cuisines. In this article, you can learn what tapioca starch is, obtained from what and its benefits.

Tapioca obtained from cassava plant root is a type of gluten-free starch that does not contain much nutritional value. Since it has a neutral taste, it does not change the taste of the added recipe (whether it is salty and sweet). Thanks to its strong gelling power, you can use it as a thickener in sweet and salty foods.

While most other starch and flour types contain at least some protein, tapioca starch does not contain it. However, it contains high carbohydrates.The glycemic index measures how quickly blood sugar levels increase after eating a food. Those who need to pay attention to carbohydrate consumption should consider this fact because of its high glycemic index.

Tapioca, which is commonly used in Thai recipes and Asian cuisine, thicken at a lower temperature than most other starches. Therefore, it reduces the likelihood of pie puffing. It also gives sauces a beautiful, clear and bright appearance.

People with allergies to gluten can consume tapioca in consultation with their doctor.

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