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What is Goji Berry, What are the Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit?

Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit

Goji berry is a red fruit with small soft berries. It is juicy and sweet. Its homeland is Tibet. People often consume it as dried or fruit juice. Oil is obtained from its leaves and stems, as well. You can also brew a nice tea from the leaves of this fruit.

Interestingly, physicians have used this fruit in Chinese medicine for a long time to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit

Benefits of Goji Berry Fruit

Although there is not much research about Goji Berry, current research shows that it can be a healthy snack because it contains various vitamins.

Flu Protector: Thanks to the vitamins it contains, it protects the body against influenza and provides resistance.

Fiber source: 10 grams of this fruit, which is a source of protein and dietary fiber, is about 40 calories. Thanks to its high fiber content, it is a must for a healthy diet. Goji Berry Fruit also helps the digestive system.

Helps slimming: Burns fats and turns into energy.

Antioxidant rich: Goji berry contains a high amount of vitamin A, a natural antioxidant. Vitamin A also develops healthy epithelial cells (mucosa) and these cells ensure renewal of the body. Moreover, this fruit prevents premature aging

Heals wounds: Vitamin C helps to heal and repair wounds and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Two tablespoons of goji berry provide approximately 20 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.

Iron Rich: Iron is a mineral necessary for the production of blood cells. Iron deficiency can cause dizziness, weight loss, fatigue and shortness of breath. You are lucky; because 2 tablespoons goji berry meet 10 percent of daily iron need.

Balances Insulin, Prevents Fat: It regulates blood sugar level and insulin resistance with the Polysaccharide it contains. It prevents the liver fat and vascular problems seen in diabetics with the betaine substance it includes.

Provides protection against cancer: It contains a substance called Germanium and provides a protective effect against cancer. It is the only plant containing this substance.

Finally, you can use Goji Berry fruit in your desserts such as cakes and cookies and add them to your salads.


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