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Causes of Back Pain; Treatment and Measures

In this article, questions such as “what is back pain? what are the causes of back pain on our back? what measures you can take against this pain?” will be our main focus. Let’s start!


Back Pain Causes and Treatment of Back Pain

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Back pain is a condition that is often neglected but should not be underestimated. This situation can sometimes be a symptom of different serious diseases and disorders such as posture disorders, spinal curvatures, abdominal and back muscle weakness, waist, back hernias, and canal stenosis, and bone resorption.

Back pain, which can occur in all age groups, can decrease the quality of life and can be a sign of important diseases.


What is Back Pain?

Back Pain Causes and Treatment of Back Pain

Back pain occurs when the muscles on both sides of the spine are stretched. Stress is the major cause of this tension that causes pain. It is often stress-related and usually resolves spontaneously within a few days. This pain may in some cases be caused by a more serious problem and may last longer. Back pain is often neglected.

Most people, especially the elders, do not see these pains as signs of illness. They learn to live with it and accept it. Sometimes pain suddenly occurs and makes it difficult to move.


The Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Back Pain Causes and Treatment of Back Pain


The majority of back pain is caused by a lack of regular sports and exercise.


Sports injuries, traffic accidents, and similar injuries are the second most common reason for this situation.


Due to the decrease in mineral density in the bones, the bones may become more easily broken. Such a fracture most often occurs in the vertebrae. These collapse fractures in the vertebrae can cause back pain. Although it can be seen in both sexes, it is more common in women.

Rheumatic Diseases

Some rheumatic diseases can also affect the spine and cause back pain. Contrary to popular belief, rheumatic diseases are not only old-age diseases and they can be seen at any age.


One of the causes of back pain may be hernias in the neck or waist. Lumbar hernia, which is frequently seen in older ages, occurs with complaints of back pain. Low back pain is also another disease that increases back pain.

Heart Diseases

Heart disorders may cause back pains in advanced stages. Therefore, in case of prolonged and persistent back pain, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist.

Bad Sleep Patterns

Bad sleep habits and insomnia can also cause back pain. Sleeping on a hard surface, exposure to the cold while sleeping are among the most important causes of low back pain.

Other possible heavy back causes are as follows;

Lung cancer
Side effects of drugs
Gastric diseases

How to Prevent Back Pain?

Back Pain Causes and Treatment of Back Pain

– Doing regular sports is essential for a healthy body and back.

– Increase your vitamin D to normal levels under doctor supervision.

– Check and adjust your posture as often as you use your computer and tablet

– Try to keep your abdominal and back muscles strong and exercise regularly

– Try to have a healthy body weight and try to lose your excess weight.

– Be careful  when carrying heavy loads

– Give up your bad habits such as smoking as soon as possible.

– Try not to overload yourself in your daily work and sports.

– Sleep in orthopedic mattresses that are consistent with your weight.

– Watch and be careful about your calcium and vitamin intake in order to have healthy and strong bones



Treatment of back pain may vary depending on the cause of the pain. The best treatment for acute non-specific back pain is to move as much as possible and use painkillers. Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic practices, acupuncture, and regular exercise will also help alleviate pain.

Treatment of chronic nonspecific back pain is often more difficult and treatment may include: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, injection to the spine.



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