What Are the Health Benefits of Sweet Potato? How to Benefit from this Vegetable? In Which Meals You Can Use Sweet Potato?

Sweet potato with a lot of flavor and healing, also known as “Ipomoea batatas”, is healthier than classical potatoes. In addition, its flavor is a different alternative to other potatoes. It tastes a bit like a pumpkin and is called sweet potato just because it resembles a potato.

However, it is a completely different vegetable that has nothing to do with the potato we know. Beta carotenes in its content, just like carrots, give the sweet potato orange color.

Like classic potatoes, sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates. But, it is a healthier source of carbohydrates in sweet potatoes. As its glycemic index is low, it keeps satiated and helps to lose weight. Therefore, it is an excellent gluten-free option for those who want to replace carbohydrates with another nutrient in their diet.

Now, we will mention other benefits of sweet potatoes without making you more curious.

– It contains vitamins A, C, B and B6 and phosphorus, copper, manganese, magnesium and potassium.

– As it is a very important fiber source, it ensures the regular functioning of the digestive system. The antioxidants it contains also protect the intestinal health.

– It helps lower cholesterol, regulates cholesterol levels.

– For the reason that beta carotene in sweet potato is high, it supports the immune system.

– Beta carotene is also very beneficial for skin health. Thereby, consumption of swet potato helps to protect skin against the harmful effects of the sun.

– Sweet potato reduces the risk of liver steatosis and heart attack. It helps to reduce the risk of skin and prostate cancer, as well.

– Furthermore, thanks to the potassium and magnesium it contains, eating sweet potato provides relaxation of muscles. It also helps reduce pain and cramps, especially when consumed during menstruation.

How can you consume sweet potatoes? Which dishes can you add it to?

There are many different types of food made with sweet potatoes, which are widely used in the world cuisine. It can be consumed by boiling or fried / baked after being sliced. It can be roasting or you can prepare porridge, garnish, soup, salad and many dishes from sweet potato. You can even try it in your smoothies and vary the recipes according to your taste.

Enjoy your sweet potato!

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