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Want to Strengthen Your Immune System? Then You’ll Like to Know Benefits of Elderberry


Experts often emphasize the importance of keeping immunity strong against coronavirus. They also suggest that foods rich in vitamins and minerals should be preferred. They believe then it will be possible to secure ourselves from this virus infection. In this article, we will touch on the benefits of elderberry, which contains plenty of antioxidants and is well-known for its immune-boosting effect.

Benefits of Elderberry

Elderberry not only strengthens the immune system, but also directly suppresses the flu virus. Here are all benefits of elderberry…

  • Its dark purple color indicates containing high antioxidants.
  • Elderberry helps to increase body resistance with the vitamins A, B and C it contains. Its 100 grams contain 35 grams of vitamin C.
  • It is also rich in dietary fiber and supports the digestive system with the presence of 7 grams of fiber in 100 grams. As for calories, 100 grams of elderberry contain 73 calories.
  • Its flowers, leaves and roots have a pain relieving effect. Due to this feature, elderberry is used especially in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections and in health conditions such as rheumatism, low back pain, skin edema. Flavonoid, an antioxidant substance found in the fruit of the plant, are known to be effective in healing the flu virus.
  • Indeed, a study confirmed this. In the study, 125 grams of elderberry extract was delivered to 64 people. And within 2 days, these patients experienced improvement in symptoms such as flu, cold, headache and muscle pain.
  • What’s more, elderberry has an expectorant feature and provides toxin removal from the body with its diaphoretic effect, as well.
  • On the other hand, cholesterol lowering properties of black elderberry extract have been revealed.
  • If you have blood pressure problem, elderberry has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure by lowering the level of uric acid in the blood.
  • Finally, another study showed that it had an effect on preventing depression and improving mood.

How Should We Consume Elderberry?

Elderberry cannot be eaten raw like blueberries or raspberries. Because it contains ingredients that can be harmful to the body.

Nausea and vomiting may occur in case of wrong consumption. Therefore, consume it after applying heat treatment. In other words, you can consume it by boiling and making tea or by preparing its syrup. But, be careful not to boil too much because of its ingredients. You can drink its tea by brewing it in a boiled cup of water.

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