Vitamin Deficiency Part-1: What Problems Arise in Vitamin Deficiency? Briefly Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency (Vitamin Types Based)

vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamins, which are among the most important substances that increase body resistance and protect the body against diseases, cause serious health problems. What are the symptoms of vitamin deficiency? In a nut Shell, signs of vitamin deficiency…


Vitamin A

Vision problems (night blindness, dry eye, cornea blur)


Drying of the skin

Growth and developmental delay in children.

Loss of taste


Vitamin B-6

Muscle weakness, muscle loss

Long-term fatigue

Vision problems

Skin rash, tongue and skin cracks

Dry and cracked lips

Hand and foot numbness

Easily bruises on the skin

Forgetfulness and lack of concentration

Low Immune System


Vitamin B7

Hair loss,

Fragile hair and nails

Slow growth of hair

Dry irritated skin

Lack of energy or chronic fatigue

Digestive and intestinal system problems

Muscle aches and cramps, tingling sensation in the legs

Cognitive disorders


Vitamin B-12

Feeling of fatigue and weakness

Mild dizziness

Bleeding gums

Severe and persistent constipation


Forgetfulness, memory loss and distraction


Swelling or inflammation of the tongue

Yellowing or fading of skin

Numbness and tingling in arms and legs


Vitamin C

Bleeding gums

Red spots on the skin


Pain and swelling in the arms, legs and joints

Anemia, decreased iron absorption



Folic Acid

Fatigue and weakness

Extreme uneasiness


Developmental retardation,


Anorexia and weight loss

Low resistance to infectious diseases


Vitamin D

Inability to get warm or continuous chilling

Slow weight loss

Feeling of fatigue and weakness

Pain in thin joints and bones

Equilibrium problem and loss of strength

Depression and ever-changing mood

Nail and hair loss


Bruising under the eyes

Sleep problems


Vitamin E

Getting sick quickly

Long-term recovery

Inability to maintain body balance

Ear humming and ringing

Late healing of skin wounds

Fatigue, weakness in the body,

Severe pain in the bones and joints

Digestive problems



Muscle cramps and muscle weakness

Weakness of movement




Kidney stone formation





Loss of appetite



Skin dryness

Heart rhythm disorders

Fatigue in muscles


Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency anemia


Nausea, vomiting and stomach pain



Twitching and contraction in muscles and tissues

Shivering and muscle cramps


Feeling of exhaustion

Disorders of heart rhythm

More painful for women in menstrual period

Frequent migraine pains

Low energy

Depression, mental depression and irritability


These are the main complaints of vitamin deficiency in general. In every person, these symptoms are definitely not seen. Or, a symptom seen may not mean vitamin deficiency.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform the necessary examinations under the control of a doctor in order to make the correct diagnosis. It should also be remembered that excessive vitamin intake may cause other health disorders.

Wishing you a healthy life!

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