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Trans Fats Increase the Risk of Dementia


Harms of Trans Fat and its Link with Dementia

Factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking increase the risk of dementia. However, people with high trans fat blood levels are at the highest risk of developing this disease.

Trans fatty acids are naturally found in small amounts in meat, milk and other animal products. Since we consume these foods, most of us have natural trans fats in the blood. There is no problem here. But, adding chemical trans fats to processed foods to extend the shelf life of foods and increase their flavor poses a danger in itself. Trans fats produce when all types of fat are deep fried, as well. There are many scientific studies showing that unnatural, human-made trans fats are harmful to human body.

The World Health Organization announced that more than 500 thousand lives can be saved annually by banning the use of trans fats. The organization endeavors to ban the use of trans fats and aims to remove them from global food chains by 2023.

Scientific studies have revealed many times that trans fatty acids have negative effects on health. Trans fats reduce the amount of benign cholesterol, which has positive effects on heart health. However, they increases the amount of malignant cholesterol that has harmful effects on metabolism. Therefore, trans fats significantly increase the risk of atherosclerosis. It also increases the level of triglycerides and causes vascular stiffness which rises the risk of diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart attack.

Research of Alzheimer Research Foundation: High levels of elaidic acid increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

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Fisher Center for Alzheimer Research Foundation conducted a research and its findings were published in the medical journal “Neurology” of the American Academy of Neurology. Research has found that those who have high levels of elaidic acid are 52 to 74 percent more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia disease than those who have lower levels. Research has also linked some foods with a high trans fat ratio to a higher risk of dementia.

As seen, unfortunately, foods with high trans fat cause many diseases such as cardiovascular. Additionally, trans fats negatively affect the human brain and increase the risk of dementia.

So, be sure to check if there are zero trans fats on the labels of cookies, chips, prepared foods, and if there is hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list. Try not to consume foods containing trans fats or reduce your frequency and amount of consumption. Do not prefer to cook or eat fried foods. If you cook, use the oil only once and change it when the oil becomes darker.

We wish you healthy and beautiful days that you will remember!

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