The entrepreneur who drives Digital Marketing with Lego chips

David Rodríguez Pinto uses the popular Lego building blocks to enhance innovation and business performance.

One of the most innovative methodologies for solving problems in organizations and teams comes to Colombia to learn by playing how to successfully develop a 360º digital marketing strategy. This is Lego Serious Play, a powerful tool that uses popular Lego building blocks or tiles to enhance business performance and innovation.

David Rodríguez Pinto, through MDA Latam University, the first university in Latin America focused on digital tools, promoted this methodology at the service of Digital Marketing, understanding that a large part of the success of a project depends on how its collaborators understand and integrate.

“Marketing Play consists of a methodology with which we teach companies, agencies and people the importance of teamwork. The people who have been trained have achieved very good results, but the people who are learning to work as a team have achieved extraordinary results. What we teach them here is how they develop that ability to work as a team and how each one should contribute to carry out a project ”, says David Rodríguez, CEO of MDA Latam University.

This dynamic facilitates meeting, communication and problem solving through a process in which people are guided through a series of questions that allow us to go deeper and deeper into a specific topic. Each participant builds their own model in response to the facilitator’s questions using specially selected Lego elements. Finally, these models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge exchange and decision-making based on the use of visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills.


With more than 10 years of experience in the digital world, Rodríguez warned that creativity is fundamental to the methodology because “the fact that you have a brush does not make you a painter.” And he explained that the idea is that people by means of tokens feel and see how a strategy of guideline, positioning or social networks is generated, for example, embodied with tokens. “The important thing is not so much the idea but its execution and, after this, the important thing is not the execution but how well it is executed and that is what we are going to teach here, to execute it well,” he concludes.

This university wants to turn people into experts in Digital Marketing and that is why the topics developed with this methodology range from advertising objectives and competition analysis, through remarketing, SEO strategy design and social networks to Inbound marketing, e-commerce and payment gateways.

Source: PulsoSocial

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