Tasty Foods, Unique Tastes : 11 Countries 11 Tastes

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Tasty Foods, Unique Tastes

It is nice to travel, especially to taste the famous dishes of the country you visit. Of course, we can’t write all the dishes of every country here, but at least we wanted you to have an idea of ​​the most well-known dishes and tastes. Here are 7 countries and 7 different tasty foods and unique tastes

1. Greece

As known, Greece is famous for its unique Mediterranean cuisine and delicious seafood. Also, the Greek salad known as “Greek salad can be a good starter meal. But we have another suggestion: Souvlaki. Greeks prepares Souvlaki, the popular fast food of Greek cuisine, by cooking small pieces of meat in a barbecue and serve with lemon, french fries and pita bread.

2. Israel

Felafel is made by frying chickpea patties or broad bean butter with various spices and frying in oil. It is a dish of Israeli and Palestinian origin and you can consume it as a warm starter.

3. Hungary

We will now tell you about the traditional food of Hungary: Goulash. It is a dish made of veal, onion, red pepper and pepper. Goulash means “shepherd” in Hungarian. Because it was a boiled dish that Hungarian shepherds ate in the 9th century.

4. Italy

Yes I hear you say pizza and pasta. These are the first things that come to mind when you hear Italy. What’s more, lasagna, as well. But we’ll tell you another taste now: Panna Cotta. This light dessert, whose main ingredient is milk and cream, solidifies and gets consistency with the gelatin in it. We recommend you to try Panna Cotta.

5. Spain

Another Mediterranean country, Spain, there is a meal here, which ranks first among the famous local delicacies. Name: PaellaIf you return without eating paella made with seafood, meat and chicken, don’t say I went to Spain.

6. Ukraine

The famous Russian beet soup “borsch” actually comes from Ukrainian cuisine. But, of course, there is some difference between Ukraine and Russias style.

7. Poland

Polish cuisine, like most countries, is based on meat. The most popular dish in this country is the meat-cooked cabbage dish prepared in the stew called Bigos, also known as the hunter’s dish.

8. Brazil

Feijoada, which means bean, is cooked with beef with tomato sauce and black beans. Restaurants usually serve it with rice, cabbage, hot sauce and a slice of orange.

9. Japan

This delicious Miso Soup made with ingredients such as tofu cheese, carrot and onion deserves to be an indispensable part of winter.

10. India

Tandoori Chicken is the name of the dish we choose for you from many Indian flavours. Tandoori is the method of cooking the meats in the well over the fire. It is usually served with vegetables, yogurt and rice.

11. England

 The grilled steak and Yorkshire Pudding (pancake-like, pastry) are considered the national dish of England. Yorkshire pudding, which contains meaty sauce, is served as a side dish alongside the meat.

Bon Appetit!

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