Symptoms of Pregnancy-What Are Early Signs of Pregnancy?

symptoms of pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy generally cause various changes in a woman body. While some women can sometimes notice these changes, sometimes they are unnoticeable. In this article, we will try to focus on this topic and try to find answers for the following questions; What are the signs of pregnancy? How many days will pregnancy symptoms become apparent?

While many biological changes are observed in the early stages of pregnancy, the first question that comes to mind is “am I pregnant? “.  To understand whether or not you are pregnant, you need to have detailed information about the answers to questions, “what are the symptoms of pregnancy? When does it start? ”.

Symptoms of pregnancy may create certain changes in the female body. Although these changes vary gradually, they also give important clues about pregnancy. Not all symptoms can be seen in the same way in all women, and some women may have different symptoms. Here are the most common signs of pregnancy;


Sensitive Breasts and Tingling

Sensitive and painful breasts, darkening of the nipples, and even more pronounced vessels on your chest may be one of the first signs of your pregnancy. If you feel more pain in your breasts before menstruation; this may be a sign that you are pregnant. Together with pregnancy hormones, blood flow in the breasts increases and there may be a tingling sensation in the nipples. Tingling is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Some people may experience this feeling even in the first week after fertilization, and this feeling may increase as the pregnancy progresses.

Your breasts become more sensitive in the 6th week of pregnancy. Your breasts swell and expand. You may notice bluish vessels. After getting used to hormonal changes in pregnancy, this sensitivity will probably disappear over time.



Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms encountered in the first weeks of pregnancy. The reason for dizziness during pregnancy is that the uterus does not pump enough blood as a result of pressure.



Weakness is not a symptom that every woman does encounter during pregnancy; most women often experience an early vomiting period. Fatigue, which can also be seen in the 4th week of pregnancy, usually begins in the 6th week.

There are also those who call this  “morning sickness”; however, you may vomit or feel sluggish at any time of the day. This weakness may not only come with vomiting. You may feel sick.


Emotional Changes

From the first moments of pregnancy, there may be changes in hormones. So, it is very normal to see emotional changes in pregnant women. Symptoms such as hypersensitivity, crying easily, irritability can be signs of pregnancy.



Some women may experience mild vaginal bleeding with increased hormone levels. You may also experience slight cramps with these bleeds that appear to be slightly pink or brown in your underwear. These hemorrhages are thought to be early in pregnancy.



You may experience nausea and vomiting frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy. Some women may experience nausea after three months of pregnancy.



You may experience pregnancy similar to the cramps you have during your period. Because your womb expands and prepares itself for the baby, and such cramps may occur.


Odor Sensitivity and Craving

During pregnancy, you may become extremely sensitive to food or other odors. You may even become unable to tolerate the smell of your favorite foods.

Craving is also one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. You may want some food more and more after getting pregnant. For some women, craving may occur even before menstruation. Some women may have a metallic taste.


Other Symptoms of Pregnancy


This is another early sign of pregnancy,  it becomes more irritant especially in the supine position.


Constipation may occur as pregnancy causes the digestive system to slow down. This is because the growing uterus presses the last part of the intestines. Those suspected of pregnancy should not use any constipation medication without consulting a doctor for constipation.


Back pain during pregnancy is one of the signs of pregnancy.

When do early symptoms of pregnancy start?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. While early pregnancy symptoms appear in some women following the delay of the menstrual cycle, in some women the symptoms may appear later.

Does smoking affect pregnancy?

Smoking reduces the oxygenation of the baby and causes growth retardation and premature birth. In order to keep your baby healthy, you must stop smoking during pregnancy.

When can I do a pregnancy test?

There are pregnancy tests with urine and blood. People who want to do a pregnancy test at home can take a urine test, taking into consideration their menstrual calendar. It will be healthy to repeat the test every 1-2 weeks to obtain a definitive result from the urine test. Blood tests should be performed in hospitals for faster and clearer results.

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