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Protect Yourself After Wearing a Mask

Mask is vital to protect ourselves from the coronavirus outbreak, however it may also sometimes cause irritation on our face. In order to protect your face and skin, you need to focus on the following questions; what should we do to protect our face after wearing a mask? Is it necessary to wash your face after wearing a mask? We have investigated the answers to these questions for you and have listed some tips that you can pay attention to when buying a mask.


Protect Yourself After Wearing a Mask

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It is essential to use a mask to remain healthy and protect yourself from coronavirus. Wearing a mask on the way to the market and crowded places is now mandatory in most countries. Well, we all now use masks to protect ourselves. But, do we know to prevent any potential skin irritation caused by masks? If you do not know the answer to this question and are wondering what should you do after wearing a mask and turning back home, you may want to take a look at the tips we have compiled below.

Tips that Can Help You to Protect Yourself After Using Masks

– Don’t forget to wash your face every time after removing your mask

Protect Yourself After Wearing a Mask

The outer surface of the mask can cause the transport of bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, when bacteria pass from your hands to your face, an oily look may appear on your face, which can cause pimples.

Another possible negative consequence of wearing a mask for a long time is the increase of moisture around the face. Such a situation may facilitate bacterial growth and infection. So, wash your face when washing your hands after returning home and make sure you are protected from viruses.

– Dry your face carefully

Protect Yourself After Wearing a Mask

Another important step of the disinfection process is to carefully dry your face. After returning from the outside, wash your face with an antibacterial face wash gel and then dry it carefully with a clean towel. But keep in mind that unnecessary rubbing can cause more irritation to sensitive skin if you have sensitive skin.


– Avoid frequent makeup and keep your skin clean

Protect Yourself After Wearing a Mask

Makeup and similar cosmetic products can increase the risk of irritation to your face. Therefore, you should reduce the frequency of make-up and, if possible, completely stop to avoid irritation that may occur on your face. Avoiding makeup, especially when wearing a mask, will also protect you from coronavirus and bacteria.

– Change or wash your mask frequently

Protect Yourself After Wearing a Mask

If you use a washable or home-made mask, you should not forget to wash your mask frequently. Using a clean mask will both protect you from the coronavirus and keep your face clean.


– You can use a moisturizing cream and natural moisturizers to prevent and treat irritation

Frequent washing can increase the dryness of your face. To prevent this,  you can get a moisturizer after cleansing your skin and, thus keep your skin moist and soft.





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