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One of the Richest Kitchens of the World; Italian Cuisine and the Most Famous Italian Foods

italian cuisine

Italian Cuisine and the Most Famous Italian Foods

We usually think of spaghetti and pizza varieties when we talk or hear about Italian cuisine. In fact, Italian cuisine is among the richest cuisines in the world and there are plenty of foods most of us do not know about.  Let’s look at elaborately other types of food that come to the table in Italian cuisine.

Italian Foods and Cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the richest cuisines in the world and consumed food types vary considerably by region. In the north of the country, fish, potatoes, rice, corn, pork, and cheese are the most commonly used ingredients. In the Liguria, which is called the Italian Riviera, fish, seafood, and basil, walnuts and olive oil come to the fore. Cheese and wine are among the important elements of Italian cuisine. Coffee (especially espresso) holds an important place in Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine, which has a long history, has the effect of Byzantine, Ancient Greek, Arab, Roman and Jewish cuisines. The main reason why this cuisine is preferred by many people is that the food is easy, practical, healthy, easy to digest and delicious.


What are the most famous foods in Italian cuisine?

The best-known food of Italian cuisine is pasta and it takes different names according to their shapes and ingredients. However, of course, Italian cuisine is not only about these foods. There are hundreds of pasta types in Italy. Here are some of the delicious foods from Italian cuisine;


Margherita Pizza

A pizza was designed for Queen Margherita of England in 1889 during her visit to Naples. A thin dough was opened. Red color with tomatoes and tomato sauce, white color with fresh mozzarella cheese and white color with basil leaves were added. Therefore, it was designed in the colors of the Italian flag and took its name from the queen.

Here is the link for a delicious Pizza Margherita.



Another delicious Italian food is Risotto. This meal, which is one of the most important Italian cuisines, must be tasted once by everyone. Risotto is a type of rice and Japanese rice is used in this dish. When preparing risotto, it is important not to wash rice and use it with starch. For a more elegant appearance, you can present Risotto with parmesan. You can click here if you want to cook risotto and are looking for a recipe.



Tortellini is a special combination of pasta and spinach, cheese and mushrooms. Optionally; you can also add red pepper, tomato or broccoli. You can cook this delicious food in your home in a short time if you do not have time to deal with other food ideas. Here is a tortellini recipe from Laura Vitale.



Ravioli is very similar to traditional food in Turkish cuisine which is known as “mantı”.  The biggest difference between the Turkish ravioli “mantı” and ravioli is that ravioli is larger, rectangular and serrated. This meal, often made in the western part of Italy, is a very satisfying and light meal.  You use mashed spinach, meat, chicken, fish, potatoes, artichokes, pumpkin, chestnuts or mushrooms in ravioli. You can and should also make a creamy or tomato sauce to make it even more delicious. If you want to try this delicious food and looking for a practical ravioli recipe, here is the recipe for homemade fresh ravioli with tomato sauce



Lasagna is a perfect combination of pasta, meat and bechamel sauce. We are sure that you will like this dish which is quite delicious. While eating Lasagna, which is a carbohydrate store made by mixing many ingredients, you should pay attention to eat as much as you need. Otherwise, you may suffer from stomach pain.  Click here to watch the lasagna recipe.


Caprese Salad

When it comes to Italian food, maybe none of us will think of salads. However, there are also very tasty salads in Italian cuisine. Caprese salad is the most famous of them. This salad is very simple to make at home and if you want, you can easily find the ingredients and prepare them easily. Italian cuisine includes other dishes, such as the so-called Caprese pizza. Click here for the Caprese salad recipe.



Italians are masters of sandwiches and there are many types of sandwiches. One of them is Panini. It is grilled and generally includes very basic ingredients such as tomato and lettuce. The rest is up to your taste. A mixture of ham, pesto sauce, etc. can be added to the combination. Click here to watch the grilled veggie Panini recipe.


Fettuccine Alfredo

Another famous dish that has been included in the list of Italian dishes is the Fettuccine Alfredo. This delicious taste, thanks to the mushroom and chicken particles in it, can be one of the most suitable Italian dishes for our taste. According to the well-known story of Fettuccine Alfredo, the Italian chef Alfredo is said to have made this pasta for his wife to gain weight. Here is the link for a creamy chicken Fettuccine Alfredo recipe.

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