Microsoft introduces support for Pivot Tables connected to Power BI in Excel web

Without a doubt Excel for desktop is much more complete than the version for the web, but lately Microsoft is introducing many features and functions in Excel web that allow more people who perform more complex tasks in Excel to use this version.

A few days ago Microsoft released a major update for Excel Web that introduced new features and functions of the desktop version that include formatting, tables, cell styles and even color options to name a few.

Now and especially for those who perform business analysis tasks with Power BI, Microsoft has just integrated support for PivotTables connected to Power BI in Excel Web.

Microsoft notes that this is part of its goal to ” simplify the discovery and analysis of business data in Excel, this new ability unlocks more ways to consume such analysis from Excel for the web, allowing more users to make critical decisions with benefits of Excel and Power BI “.

With this integration, users can now get up-to-date information, simply by refreshing the pivot table or exploring by manipulating the pivot table fields in a browser.

Users can also include live Excel pivot tables connected to Power BI data directly within their Power BI solutions and applications.

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