Microsoft announces Edge beta channel for Linux

In October 2020 Microsoft introduced its new Chromium-based Edge browser for the Linux operating system through the new Microsoft Edge Dev Channel for developers, which ultimately placed the browser on all of the largest desktop and mobile platforms on the market.

Back then Microsoft pointed out that Linux offered the same consistent and powerful web platform and developer tools that it offered on macOS and Windows. Also at that time they also announced that they were accepting submissions from security researchers in the  Microsoft Edge Bounty Program for Linux.

Now Microsoft takes a new and important step in its goal of launching the first stable official version of Edge for Linux, with the launch of the Beta Channel, which is the most stable Preview version of the browser for devices with Linux operating system.

Microsoft Edge - Linux Beta Channel

This new channel will offer major updates to the Edge browser every 6 weeks and each version will incorporate improvements over the versions offered on the Dev Channel.

From the Edge Linux Beta Channel, users will be able to download either of the two packages offered: .deb and .rpm.

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