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Lose Weight: 9 Foods To Avoid

The choice of food has a great influence on personal body weight – this can be positive or negative. The consumption of certain foods – especially ready-made products – can quickly promote weight gain. Here are nine foods to avoid while dieting.

1. White bread

In order not to negatively influence the weight loss success, certain foods should be deleted from the daily menu. This includes white bread : In contrast to the wholemeal variant, the white flour contains less fiber, which is why the starch is broken down more quickly in the digestive tract and the sugar immediately passes into the blood.

Although this provides energy quickly, it also leads to fluctuating blood sugar levels and a more quickly recurring feeling of hunger.

2. Fried foods

Boiled  potatoes are extremely healthy: They are low in calories, high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates, which lead to long-lasting satiety. However, if the tubers are prepared with a lot of fat, for example deep-fried, the health-promoting effect is gone!

Because of their high fat content, French fries and chips provide plenty of calories and, to make matters worse, they are usually eaten in larger quantities. In long-term studies, lovers of the fried products showed a higher affinity for being overweight than was the case with people who rarely consumed french fries and chips.

3. Fruit juice drink

A fruit juice drink in the morning provides vitamins, minerals and energy for the day – this is the popular belief.

The fact is, however, that fruit juice drinks from the supermarket usually have little in common with the actual fruit: They are heavily processed and possibly packed full of sugar. The sugar content of the juices can often be equated with that of a lemonade.

Unlike a whole piece of fruit, fruit juice drinks contain less fiber and make chewing superfluous. Both factors do not result in long-term satiety and thus promote quick hunger.

In addition, a much larger amount of the drink can be consumed in a shorter time than would be the case, for example, with a whole piece of fruit. The result is an increased calorie intake, which should actually be avoided when losing weight.

4. Latch

Small but great in calorie content – that applies to the sweet bars ! Thanks to their handy shape, they quickly disappear into a jacket or handbag and are quickly eaten in between. But when you enjoy the bars, you hardly get any valuable nutrients, but you absorb a lot of calories: Even a small bar can contain up to 300 kilocalories!

Added to this are added sugar, fat and, with some bars, refined flour – not a good combination for those who want to lose weight.

If you suddenly get hungry, graduate psychologist Prof. Dr. Westenhöfer : “If you want to eat something between the main meals, it is best to use a piece of fruit, a low-fat yogurt or raw vegetables.” These do not let the blood sugar level rise too quickly and fill you up longer than the small bars.

5. Pastries

Cookies, cakes and the like are an indispensable part of a coffee party. But for all those who would like to lose a few pounds, these sweets are taboo: Added sugar and refined flour are usually among the main ingredients – as are artificial trans fatty acids.

These have a negative effect on health, for example they increase the “bad” LDL cholesterol in the blood, which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis. The high-calorie delicacies do not contain any ingredients that contribute to long-lasting satiety. If they are eaten, a great feeling of hunger reappears shortly afterwards.

6. Ice cream

The consistency: creamy, the taste: great, the calorie balance: devastating! Anyone who uses conventional ice cream from the supermarket is opting for a real sugar bomb. If you feel like having a creamy ice cream, you should definitely try this alternative: the low-fat quark ice cream!

It is fruity, low in fat, high in protein and can be prepared with the favorite fruits of the season. When preparing it, it is only important to use frozen fruit, because this is the only way to achieve an “icy” consistency. The low-fat quark ice cream can also be refined with a dash of honey, lemon juice or aromatic basil.

7. Soft drinks

They are advertised as soft drinks, but there are liquid calorie bombs behind the colorful packaging! Cola, lemonade and the like are closely related to overweight and obesity.

If the soft drinks are drunk regularly and in large quantities, other health problems such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure can occur.

8. Pizza

Crispy base, crunchy vegetables and freshly grated cheese – anyone who makes their own pizza at home knows what ingredients they have used. However, if the ready-made pizza is bought in the supermarket, it usually contains refined flour, sugar and highly processed meat. Those who want to lose weight should therefore do without the high-calorie ready-to-eat pizza.

Pizzas made from wholemeal flour or cauliflower are a good alternative . They provide important nutrients, keep you full for a long time and lead to a stable blood sugar level.

9. Coffee specialties

While coffee in its natural form contains health-promoting substances and boosts the metabolism thanks to its caffeine content, ingredients such as syrup, cream and the like do not have any positive effects. Coffee specialties quickly reach the calorie content of a main meal – but are usually “only” consumed as a drink in between and thus become a calorie trap.

Knowledge to take away

White bread is made from refined flour, contains less fiber than wholemeal flour and thus causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly. Since this drops just as rapidly, it leads to food cravings. Better to use whole wheat flour.

French fries and chips are not healthy and very high in fat, which is why they should be avoided when losing weight. Better to use whole, boiled potatoes!

Fruit juice drinks can be high in calories, low in fiber and contain added sugar. If you don’t want to do without fruit while losing weight, you should eat the fruit whole. Most bars in the supermarket are made from unhealthy ingredients like sugar, fat, and refined flour. They provide loads of calories, but no valuable nutrients, so they don’t last long.

Cookies, cakes and co . often contain a load of added sugar, refined flour and sometimes harmful trans fatty acids. They are high in calories but have little nutritional value for humans. Those who want to lose weight should avoid these foods. Ice cream from the supermarket is a real sugar bomb! If you want to lose weight, you should avoid it and rather try the low-fat and protein-rich low-fat quark ice cream.

Sugary drinks have a negative effect on body weight and health. Lemonades, cola and the like should be avoided if you are aiming for weight loss. Instead, opt for unsweetened herbal and fruit teas and (fruit infused) water.

Conventional pizzas from the supermarket usually contain refined flour, sugar and heavily processed meat. The Italo classic becomes healthier if it is prepared by yourself and wholemeal flour or cauliflower is used as the base.

If you don’t want to do without coffee, it is best to drink it black or with a little milk. Large chain coffee specialties are real calorie bombs and have the same calorie content as an entire main meal.

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