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Keto Recipe – Chicken Saute with Pesto

In this article, we have prepared a keto diet recipe for you. Here is a very delicious keto recipe. if you are looking for a recipe suitable for the keto diet.

The Keto diet is one of the diets we have heard about recently. There are many people who try this diet and lose weight easily. We also often hear that some celebrities are weakened by the keto diet. If you want to try this diet, or if you are looking for a recipe suitable for the keto diet, you are in the right place. Here is the recipe for pesto chicken we have prepared for you.

Chicken Saute with Pesto – Keto Recipe


 120 g chicken breast
 2 red bell peppers, 1 finger thick
 2 green bell peppers, 1 finger thick chopped
 1 pinch of salt
 1 pinch of black pepper
 ¼ tablespoon olive oil

For pesto sauce

 ¼ glass of olive oil
 1 pinch of salt
 one pinch of black pepper
 1 clove of garlic
 2 tablespoons walnuts
 ½ cup spinach
 ¼ cup fresh basil


– Mix basil, walnut, spinach, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil in a blender until it turns into a sauce.

– Cut chicken breast into small pieces and sauté both sides for about 3 minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper on medium-high heat in a pan. When it’s done, split the breasts into a bowl. Keep the water/oil in the pan.

– Add red and green peppers to the same pan and sauté for a few minutes with salt pepper over medium heat.

– Lower the fire and add the chicken and pesto sauce on top of the vegetables. Cook all the ingredients together for a few minutes and then it’s ready.

Enjoy your meal!

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