It happens again; Foo Fighters trolls Westboro Baptist Church again


According to Wikipedia, the Westboro Baptist Church “is an independent church known for being extremely homophobic and its harsh criticism of the Catholic Church, Orthodox churches, Muslims, Jews …” and other people around the world.

Well, it turns out that the popular rock band Foo Fighters A few days ago he arrived in Kansas City to give a concert, but the day before the event, members of the church took to the streets to protest against the band.

They had done it before in 2011 and 2015 in the face of protests from church members against them.  Now again the members of this band trolled again to the church and in a very funny way.

The band walked in front of the protesters in the back of a truck and this time they did it with another well-known disco song, playing and singing the famous song of the Bee Gees known as You Should be Dancing and also with the following words from the leader of the band Dave Grohl:

I have something to say. Because you know what I love? The way I see it is that I love everyone. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Can’t you just love everyone? Because I think it’s about love. That’s what I do. I think everything revolves around love and you shouldn’t hate.

Below you have the video from a few days ago and then the videos from 2011 and 2015:

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