Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Again in Pregnancy Period?

superfetation Get Pregnant Again in Pregnancy Period

This question will probably sound very interesting to you when you are first asked. But the answer is yes.

Under normal conditions, ovaries interrupt activation after pregnancy occurs, so pregnancy is not possible until after birth.

However, although rare, women’s ovulation may continue even if they are pregnant. This means that two fetuses at different stages of their development can develop at the same time in the womb.

As a matter of fact, this situation makes it possible to become pregnant again during pregnancy, which is called “superfetation”. As a result of this, the expectant mother has twin babies with different gestational weeks and sometimes even different birth dates.

In addition, the woman becomes pregnant in different menstrual period regardless of the current gestational week.

Superfetation Get Pregnant Again in Pregnancy Period

Superfetation, which is rarely seen in humans, is quite common in mammals such as rabbits, horses, sheep and cats, except humans.

There have been 10 official cases known to date and surprisingly most babies survived. 


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