Is Cracking Knuckles, a Common Habit, Harmful?

cracking knuckles

Is cracking knuckles, which is often done because of boredom and a sense of reliefharmful as thought?

During cracking knuckles, small amounts of air bubbles in the joint fluid in the narrow finger joint combine. With the sudden application of pressure to the joint during cracking, these combined bubbles burst in a closed area, the finger capsule, and the typical sound during cracking is created.

Since it takes 10-15 minutes for the air bubbles to form again, it is not possible to crack the same joint of the same finger in short intervals.

If You Constantly Crack Your Knuckles…

During cracking, there is no serious strain on the ligaments or cartilage and therefore has no effect on voice formation. We can say that finger cracking does not have a known serious negative health effect on joint structure.

Most of the studies on this subject have shown that cracking knuckles has no effect on the joint, as well. A comprehensive study on elderly population also examined the joints of those with and without finger cracking habits. The research revealed that there was no difference in terms of cartilage wear (calcification). However, there may be a slight decrease in the holding power of those who have the habit of cracking knuckles.

As a resultfinger cracking does not have a negative effect on the finger joints in terms of abrasion. Butit is necessary to avoid doing this in a way that makes it a habit and tic. Because in this caseit is likely that the hand‘s holding power will decrease due to loosening of the ligaments

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