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Impact of Carious Teeth on the Immune System and Dental Treatment in Coronavirus Epidemic

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Impact of Carious Teeth on the Immune System

Due to pain in the teeth and bleeding in the gums, tooth brushing may not be complete or neglected. This causes increased carious teeth and gum infections.

On the other hand, oral and dental hygiene is very important in all flu types. As immune system is weak during the disease period, the number of bacteria in the mouth flora increases. Carious teeth also causes a decrease in body resistance and can weaken the immune system against diseases such as coronavirus.

Now we want to draw attention to another issue.

Viruses can be transmitted very easily by mouth. Interestingly, they can survive for a long time outside the body. Therefore, we recommend that you change the toothbrush you use during the illness immediately after you recover. Because viruses and bacteria can accumulate on the toothbrush and cause illness again. What’s more, be careful not to touch toothpaste on your toothbrush during your illness.

Apart from the above, remember to drink plenty of water or healthy liquid foods to prevent water loss from the body during illness. If the mouth is dehydrated, it dries and becomes more acidic. This can cause tooth enamel to wear out and tooth decay.

 If your dentist appointment is not urgent, postpone it

In these days, while social isolation is essential, going to the dentist means contacting other patients in the waiting room. Perhaps you can breath the same air with the infected people. To avoid this risk, if your dental problem is not urgent, postpone it until the outbreak disappears or slows down.

 If you have to go to the dentist for carious teeth?

Pain or abscess in the teeth, swelling of the gums, canal treatment are among the dental appointments that cannot be postponed. But before going to your appointment, pay attention to the following:

  • Go to your appointment on time and alone so that the appointments do not overlap and the waiting room is not crowded.
  • Considering the patients who may have come from abroad for treatment, follow the 14-day rule and isolate yourself from outside and the people around you.
  • Ask the dentist you are going to see if the necessary sterilization and ventilation have been done after the previous patient.

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