If You Have Ulcer Disease, Prefer Foods Cooked With Steam!

ulcer disease

Ulcer is the destruction of the stomach or duodenum by liquids such as gastric acid and pepsin, resulting in tissue loss. Symptoms are as follows:

  • Stomach pain and acid reflux, heartburn / nausea
  • Acid reflux as a result of burning sensation in the chest
  • Feeling of burping and dyspepsy
  • Dyspepsia for fatty foods

If you have an ulcer, you should definitely stay away from any food or drink that upset your stomach and increases stomach secretion. Never forget to have the breakfast. In the evening, prefer foods cooked with steam.


What Else Should Ulcer Patients Pay Attention to?

– Do not drink too much coffee or dark tea

Tea and coffee increases stomach acid secretion and can cause digestive difficulty. Therefore, if you have ulcer disease, do not consume too much dark tea and coffee during the day. You can drink 2-3 cups of light tea a day or prefer herbal / fruit teas. Also, take care to get enough fluid.

– Don’t starve for long

ulcer hunger

Being hungry for a long time and long breaks between meal times increase gastric acid secretion. To prevent this, plan a healthy and regular diet plan (2-3 hour intervals with small portions) and apply it. Avoid fried, overly sweet, salty and oily desserts. Try to satisfy your dessert needs with fresh and dried fruits, fruit yogurts or milk desserts.

– Don’t smoke, stay away from alcohol

Smoking increases the secretion of acid and pepsin. Especially smoking on an empty stomach triggers stomach bleeding and ulcer. In addition, smoking and alcohol consumption delays healing of ulcers. So, stay away from both.

– Chew foods well

Chewing causes mucus and saliva secretion. These secretions protect the mucosa against stomach acid.

– Pay attention to your bitter and spice consumption

Bitter and spices cause edema and damage to the stomach wall, increasing pepsin secretion, that is, stomach acid.

– Limit your salt consumption

ulcer salt consumption

Since salt affects the gastric mucosa negatively, it should be consumed up to 6 grams per day within normal limits.


We wish you a healthy life with your loved ones! 


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