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How to remove blackheads on the face? Natural Solutions for blackheads and dark spots on the face

It is not difficult to get rid of the black spots that are the common problem of women and men. In this article, we will try to help you to solve your black spots problem. Let’s find answers to the following questions; What are the herbal solutions for blackheads? How to remove blackheads at home? Here are natural blackhead solutions.

What is a blackhead?

The black spots appearing on both male and female skin are actually a form of acne. The nose is the most common site. Black spots can be seen not only on the face but also on the back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulders.

It is essential to understand what the blackheads are and how to prevent them appear again. Black spots and pimples can sometimes appear together on the skin, but sometimes only black spots can be observed.

Black spots are one of the common skin problems. It is a problem that can be seen without any discrimination between men and women. Blackheads can be caused by many factors, such as excessive lubrication of the skin, smoking, makeup, and dirty weather. However, you can remove blackheads by using some methods and postpone the formation process.


What are the natural methods to remove blackheads?


1- Oat

Oat reduces irritation, purifies dead cells, absorbs excess skin oil for cleaning the skin. Cook the amount of oats with clean water for your black spots. Allow to cool at room temperature and apply to problem areas. Wait for 10-20 minutes and rinse.


2- Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)

You can also use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to remove black spots. Baking soda has the property of cleaning dead cells and thus is a natural peeling material. To remove black spots with sodium bicarbonate, add a few drops of lemon juice into the sodium bicarbonate. Gently massage the area with the black spots with sodium bicarbonate. Leave to stand for five minutes and rinse with warm water. This method, which you can apply once a week, can do regular maintenance against blackheads.


3- Clay

Because of the rich minerals it contains, clay has been used for ages to cure skin diseases. A properly prepared clay mask removes dirt from the pores, allowing the skin to absorb all these minerals immediately. Minerals in clay also accelerates blood circulation and makes the skin look more vivid. To prevent skin dryness, it is best to use a moisturizer immediately after rinsing the mask. Depending on the degree of sensitivity of your skin, you can achieve maximum effect by mixing vinegar or rose water to your mask.


4- Cinnamon and Turmeric

Cinnamon and turmeric are miracle spices that will help to get rid of black spots due to their antibacterial properties. Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon, turmeric and lemon juice into a paste. Apply the mixture to the black dots and allow to dry for 5 minutes and rinse. Since turmeric may leave a temporary yellow stain on the skin, we recommend that you apply this recipe at night.


5- Yogurt

Yogurt is a cell-friendly food commonly used in skin masks. Mix a tablespoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. Massage into the affected area. Wait for 1 hour and then rub off. Just do one day a week.

6- Honey

In addition to its natural antibacterial properties, honey moisturizes the skin and removes dead cells to accelerate the formation of fresh skin. Spread all the honey on your face. After waiting 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water. Do not apply soap or other cosmetics to your face that day.


7- Tomato

According to experts, tomatoes are beneficial for our health. It seems that the benefits are not only that, it also helps our skin. Thanks to the high content of vitamins C and A and citric acid, it affects acne and blackheads. It is enough to apply only by squeezing the water, wait 10 minutes and rinse. You can also mix it with avocado or olive oil.


8- Lemon

Due to its natural acidic nature, lemon is widely used in skin cleansing. Lemon, as well as cleansing your skin, helps you get rid of acne and black spots.

After squeezing half a lemon, add a teaspoon of salt. Mix a tablespoon of honey and salt lemon into the same amount of yogurt. Apply this mixture that has reached the consistency of paste by massaging the problem area. Apply this mixture for 7-8 minutes before rinsing with water.


General recommendations for removing blackheads and having healthy skin

– Wash your hand and face before making your face care.

–  Clean your makeup and wash your skin before applying any face care method.

– Avoid foods that will cause your skin to become greasy

– Do not attempt to remove the black dots by pressing them. Instead, apply peeling to the entire skin to thin the upper skin.

– Get used to washing your face with cold water.

– Try to wash your pillowcases weekly. This will prevent skin rash and skin oil from getting back into your skin.

– You can also apply steam treatment to your face and help keep your face clean and fresh.

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