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How to check if your personal data has been leaked in the latest Facebook leak

If you wonder if your personal data has been leaked in those millions of contacts and phones that have escaped Facebook in the most absurd way a while ago, now you can check it, specifically in, which translates to something like this as I have been zuckereado? The name refers to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, whose data including the mobile phone that he has registered with his own social network, is also in the leaked data set.

Leaked Facebook data, with a positive
Leaked Facebook data; This phone number is one of those that have been leaked.

There are 553 million contacts from all over the world. The way to use this system is by choosing your country and then entering your phone number. If your data is among those filtered, it will appear in a message like the one you see above.

If that’s your case, be calm. It is obviously unpleasant that your phone number, name, email, who you are married to or what company you work for, circulate around freely. But with that data, they can’t do much either. Something that they can try is to send you an SMS (better than an email) in which data such as your company, your name, etc. are cited – and that for that reason, make it more credible. Phishing attacks using personal details are much more credible and therefore much more dangerous. Therefore, if your data has been leaked this time, pay more attention than ever to these possible scam attempts.

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