How to change the name in PUBG Mobile

Since it was released in 2017, PUBG Mobile remains one of the best mobile action games in the world. Perhaps it will continue to have, to this day, that great reception that it had since its launch. The fact of being free is one of the factors that are most taken into account, but the truth is that the gameplay and its constant updates hook everyone who starts playing. So much so, that there are already 18 seasons that this Battle Royale has launched, and we are waiting for number 19 to arrive, whose release date is estimated for mid-May.

Maps, game modes, weapons … PUBG Mobile releases updates very frequently so that, as we said before, they continue to satisfy their users. The latest versions, which came out in mid-March, have incorporated new vehicles and many more novelties that provide a better gaming experience. In fact, the latter was eagerly awaited by players, and the truth is that Tencent Games never disappoints.

That said, there are times when we want to change our username in video games, either because we do not like the current one, we have gotten tired or we simply want to change it to give it another air. In the case of PUBG, let’s say you can change your name for other reasons. It may be because you join a new clan and want to give it a more competitive look, or because you registered for the game through Facebook and you no longer identify yourself with your beginnings (most of the initial usernames of all our accounts are, how to say, “childish”). Either way, you can change the name without any problem, although it is not as simple as it seems.

Now you can change the name, but it hasn’t always been like that …

change pubg name

And it is that despite being an F2P game, it is missing not being able to change the name simply by clicking on our profile, as happens in the vast majority of this type of game. When the game was released four years ago, it was not possible to change the name, so choosing an appropriate one was a real headache. Nowadays, you can change the gender and avatar of your character whenever you want, but to modify a few characters you have to work a little more …

There are several ways to get ID cards to change your name. Leveling up, completing special missions, playing tournaments … Most of them are quite simple to perform, although in one of them you will have to scratch your pocket and shell out a few euros.

How to get ID cards in PUBG Mobile

change name pubg mobile

Leveling up in the game

This is the simplest way. As you progress through the game, you will level up and unlock bonuses that you can apply to your character, such as  skins or new weapons. In your personal progress, when you reach levels 3 and 9 you will be given an ID card with which you can modify it, so from the first hours PUBG gives you two possibilities to change your username.

Completing training missions

It is not as simple as the previous one, but it can be achieved in a short time. Parallel to the Battle Royale itself, there is a Missions section  with three tabs: training ground, training and achievements. In training mode, you can improve your skills and control of your character to become a great player. Within it, there are different levels that if you overcome them, you can get bonuses, as well as virtual money for the game. That said, when you get to and complete level 10, you will be rewarded with a name change card.

Playing the Crew Challenge

Crew Challenge PUBG

The Crew Challenge is a tournament in which groups of six players from the same region compete against each other to earn rewards. A group has nothing to do with a clan, since in the latter up to 30 players can join and it is something much more general. As we said, this tournament has its own store, the Crew Shop, and in it we can find several items, including the name card. You need 200 crew points to get it, and they are achieved by doing a good job in the tournament, as well as having the group verified. With the latter you will receive 30 points daily, so it will not take you long to get it.

Stay out of the game for a month

It seems a joke, but it is not. It is an unconventional way, but it is no less valid for that. If you do not enter PUBG Mobile for a month in a row, that is, 30 days, when you re-enter you will receive an ID card to change your name. You will not be able to access the game under any circumstances, not even to collect rewards or identify yourself with your account, as it will detect you immediately. You will have to hold out for a long time and avoid the temptation to play, although that can be a difficult task for many players …

Pay with game money … and from your pocket

In most arcade games, you can get virtual money to unlock content. In PUBG, we find the BP (battle points), G-Coin and UC(unknown money). With the latter, we can get a name change card for 200 UC, although to get them you can do it in two ways. The first one is simple: putting real money into the game. To get the card you must buy these UC through the game store, although there are pages where you can get them cheaper. The other way is by participating in tournaments of the game itself or in raffles, both inside and outside of it. It should be added that once you have UC, you can acquire more by beating levels and playing, but you will only get more if you already had UC previously.

As you can see, you have different options to get an ID card in the game. However, since most users play at an amateur level, it is quite easy to change the name. In fact, most of the time you will get the card without realizing it, so you can change your ID without having to play tournaments or be an expert.

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