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How Should We Explain Coronavirus Disease to Children?

coronavirus disease

Explain the Coronavirus Disease to Children in a Simple Way

The coronavirus disease, which erupted in Wuhan, China, spread in a very short time and showed its effect in many countries of the world. Naturally, it created a panic atmosphere in the society. Almost all of the news is directly or indirectly related to coronavirus. So, in this process, how should we explain the coronavirus to prevent children from being negatively affected psychologically? Dear parents, we have discussed this issue for you in this article.

In the period before the age of 7, which is called preschool period, children do not have the ability to mentally evaluate such social health events. Therefore, we should not talk about such events with each other while our children are with us. Unless they ask you anything, keeping them as far away as possible from the issue would be the right approach.

Your Remaining Calm is Essential

On the other hand, it is very important for you as parents to remain calm. Because young children shape themselves according to their parents’ attitudes. If they see you are worried and anxious, they will also be anxious and stressed. However, if you act naturally and comfortably and continue your daily life, then your children will be positively affected.

Even if your kids ask you something about the virus, simply explain them with the right information what is the virus about without giving the unnecessary details. Relieve them by saying that you can overcome this epidemic with simple measures. For example; Tell them how we can increase body resistance. Not only for the coronovirus, but also for other diseases, explain the importance of washing hands, having a proper and balanced nutrition plan, and avoiding people we suspect they may be ill. If they have any concerns, you can encourage your children to ask and talk to them in detail on the matter. Furthermore, watch together visual materials containing accurate information prepared on the subject and try to resolve their concerns.

As for the adolescent children, they learn a lot of right or wrong information from social media today. In other words, social media have a great influence on them. In this case, it would be more correct to establish a communication with them based on listening, rather than only giving information.

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