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Healthy Snacks – +20 Healthy Foods For a Better Life

Eating healthy snacks is essential for a healthy life. In order to lose weight, we must consume healthy meals. In this article, we will list the healthiest snacks and dishes.

Healthy Snacks and Foods

When you do not eat for four or five hours, you generally lose most of the energy in your body. Foods with high nutritional values and low sugar and saturated fat will give you all the energy you need. With this list covering +20 healthy snacks and foods, you can have a healthier life and boost your energy.

– Popcorn

Popcorn can be quite tasty and a light selection as a healthy snack. This snack can better help you to suppress your hunger. In order to have a healthy popcorn, just pop the corn in a microwave oven with a little olive oil (a glass of corn, two teaspoons of oil) or coconut oil.

– Cheese

Thirty grams of cheese contains about 6 to 7 grams of protein. Most protein is found in gravyer (8.5 grams) cheese. If you combine protein and oil in cheese with tomato or grape, you can have very delicious and healthy food option. Slice cheeses and tomatoes (or grapes alternatively) and store them in a plastic container. Cheese never lets you down and suppress your hunger.

– Mixed nuts

You can mix nuts with dried fruits for a healthy snack. If you want to get some dessert, your free to add some dark chocolate. Almonds, pecans and peanuts are ideal mix of nuts. You can add pretzels, pistachio and walnuts to your mix.

– Yogurt + parsley mix


Calcium in yogurt triggers fat burning. Beside this, it reduces edema and opens our circulation and thus makes it easier for us to lose weight. If you eat yogurt with parsley at bedtime, you can increase your metabolism and gain momentum to lose weight.

– Milk and dark chocolate

Chocolate is a delightful alternative that makes you happy and accelerate your metabolism. Consuming a moderate amount of chocolate with milk increases the weight loss rate considerably.

– Fruit probiotic yogurt (homemade)

Yo can try  probiotic fiber containing fruit yogurt as a healthy snack. This option is a practical and delicious food.  By adding homemade fruit yogurt to your daily diet, you can strengthen our immune system.

– Vegetables and hummus

Humus with some vegetables can be good selection for a healthy diet. You can have a nutritious meal that will keep you full for a long time. Carrots, pepper, radishes, tomato and olives are some alternatives you can eat with humus.

– Energy bites

You can roll peanut butter and jam, peanut sauce and thus give yourself a nice dessert break. These flavor balls can revive you even when you’re having the worst day of your life, no doubt.

– Apple and Banana Chips

Apple and banana chips can meet your sweet need and be a healthy alternative for your daily diet plan.  It is delicious and easy to prepare at home. Just place apples and bananas in thin slices on a baking sheet and sprinkle some cinnamon. Bake for 15-20 minutes in the oven.

– Carrot Balls

Carrot balls can be the sweetest healthy snack alternative.To prepare yummy carrot balls,  boil 2 carrots and put them in the blender. Add half a cup of oat bran into it. You can sweeten it with honey. Prepare small balls from this mortar and put them in coconuts (or oats alternatively).

– Baked or Boiled Potato

Instead of frying potatoes, you can prepare a delicious snack for yourself or your child by boiling it or by baking it as a more delicious alternative. You can add the spices such as garlic, basil or rosemary and olive oil.

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