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Healthy Foods; Foods Containing Collagen; Collagen Enhancing Nutrients

Collagen is a protein naturally exists in human body. This protein forms the structure of many organs including skin, connective tissue, tendons, joints, nails, teeth, hair and bones.

The main purpose of collagen is to provide support to tissues and help keep tissues and organs alive and flexible. However, this protein is produced less by the body at later ages, especially after thirties. Lack of collagen causes problems such as skin wrinkles and joint pain.

Today, the amount of collagen entering the body has decreased considerably due to the change in our cooking methods and the increase in the consumption of fast food foods, fries and packaged foods. However, it is possible to increase this protein by consuming nutrients that are rich in collagen and increase collagen production. In this article, we have compiled these nutrients for you.


Benefits of Collagen

– Makes skin smooth, gives moisture and elasticity.

– Reduces cellulite by tightening connective tissue.

– Strengthens nails, teeth and hair follicles, ensures healthy and bushy hair.

– Protects the liver, improves blood flow and purifies the body from harmful toxins.

– Relieves joint degeneration and pain and repairs joints.

– Protects the heart, accelerates blood circulation in vessels. It also contributes to controlling blood pressure by repairing tissue in joints and arteries.

– Strengthens corneal layer in the eye and reduces the risk of developing many eye diseases.


Foods Containing Collagen

Bone Broth

Foods Containing Collagens bone broth

Bone broth is rich in amino acids such as glycine, proline and arginine. Therefore, it is an important source of collagen. However, if you have cardiovascular disease or have high cholesterol, avoid bone water consumption. Because bone water can increase blood cholesterol levels.

Egg White

egg white Foods Containing Collagen

Egg white also contains glycine and proline amino acids, the main components of collagen.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

You should also take vitamin C to increase the level of collagen. You can consume dark green leafy vegetables rich in vitamin such as spinach, purslane, cress, arugula and parsley.


Each fish, especially tuna and cod, is rich in glycine and proline and a good omega 3 source. These sources of collagen are effective in reducing inflammation in the body.

Kiwi and Citrus Fruits

kiwi citrus fruits Foods Containing Collagen

Citrus fruits like grapefruit does not contain glycine or proline. However, they contain high amounts of vitamin C. As mentioned earlier, the body needs vitamin C to produce collagen.

Soy and Soy Products

soya Foods Containing Collagen

Soy products contain a substance called “genistein” that supports collagen production. Then, consuming soy-based foods such as soy milk, soy bean, tofu cheese made of soy milk would be a good idea.

Foods Containing Vitamin A

carrot Foods Containing Collagen

Foods such as raw carrots, boiled potatoes and melons, which are a rich source of vitamin A, are important nutrients for collagen support.


garlic Foods Containing Collagen

Garlic supports collagen production thanks to plenty of sulfur content.

Dead Nettle

dead nettle

Dead nettle, a natural source of collagen, improves skin texture and connective tissue. Furthermore, it protects flexible structure of the skin and thereby helps to remove wrinkles in the skin.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil, an omega 3 acid and vitamin E source, is an important nutrient for starting collagen production. 


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