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What are Benefits of Cardamom and How to Make Cardamom Tea?

benefits of cardamom

Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom, which is from Ginger family, has many special benefits and is used in the treatment of many diseases. Cardamom’s tea is also healing for many health problems. In addition, people use cardamom in powder form a lot as a condiment in meals, sweets and drinks. Now, let’s look at benefits of cardamom…

benefits of cardamom

– It supports digestive system. Cardamom has anti-flatulent effect which means helps the digestion process.

– Effective in preventing bad breath and in enhancing memory.

– Fighting against depression.

– Protects kidney, heart and skin health.

– Increases blood circulation in the lungs.

– With its expectorant effect, it eliminates atresia in the chest.


Preparation of Cardamom Tea

cardamom tea

– Half a liter of hot water

– 1 tablespoon cardamom

– Honey or brown sugar (Optional)

Pour half a liter of hot water into a pot. Break the shell of 3 cardamoms and add their seeds to hot water (If you have cardamom’s powder form, add one tablespoon of cardamom into hot water). Wait 10 minutes to brew. You can sweeten your tea with honey or brown sugar.


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