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Health Tourism: World’s 5 Most Famous Hot Springs

Hot springs are a miracle offered to us by nature… They sometimes gain fame with the healing properties of their thermal waters and sometimes with their magnificent appearance. Here are 5 hot springs famous for their healing thermal waters…

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon owes its reputation to the ice blue color of its waters covered with a layer of steam. As the waters of the hot spring which come from almost 2 km below the earth, rise upwards, it is mixed with flint, algae and various minerals. This ensures that the waters of the lagoon have a healing effect and a vibrant blue color. Do not forget to make a reservation before coming here!

Kurokawa Onsen, Japan


Japan is a country rich in natural hot springs. One of the most beautiful is Kurakowa, which is located on the island of Kyushu and has 24 natural baths. You will have many options such as pools in caves, surrounded by bamboo or located next to snow-covered slopes. You can stay here or go for a day.

Szechenyi Hot Springs, Hungary

It is one of the most beautiful holiday routes you can go to spend time in the hot springs in Hungary. In addition to the country’s unique natural beauties, number of underground waters are also quite high. Szechenyi hot spring is undoubtedly the most famous hot spring in Hungary. If you suffer from joint pain and joint diseases, you can seek healing from the huge 3 outdoor and 15 indoor hot spring pools.

Terme di Saturnia, Italy


Mulino Waterfalls and Terme di Saturnia thermal spa center is a popular spot in Southern Tuscany, and surprisingly it’s free. Some claim that the 37-degree water of the travertines forming small pools is good for many health problems from skin problems to tonsils.

Jae Sorn Hot Springs- Thailand


 Located among the rocks in Chae Son National Park, Jae Sorn hot springs have a very high and variable temperature of 80-100 degrees. The foggy landscape created by the steam rising from the hot spring makes the region much more mysterious and mystical. 

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