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Have You Ever Heard “Spoon Test”?

spoon test

How would you like to do your own health test at home? You can get some clues about the changes in your body with the spoon test. This easy and practice test may give information about your health situation. Of course, we do not claim that it will yield results as accurate and healthy as medical tests. If you still want to apply the spoon test, the details are in our article below…

How Can You Do The Spoon Test?

Take a dessert spoon and wet the back with your tongue. Make sure to wet the entire surface with your saliva.

Then put the spoon in the freezer bag and leave the bag in a sunny place for a minute. After removing the spoon from the bagcheck the spoon. The test may have the following results: 

If the spoon has a strong odor similar to rotten odor, this may show a lung or stomach upset.
A sweet smell on the spoon may indicate a possibility of diabetes.
If an ammonia-like odor remains on the spoon, you may have a nephritic ailment.
If a yellow or white tissue appears on the spoonthere may be a thyroid gland problem. You may have respiratory tract infection problem, if there is a white stain on the spoon.
An orange stain may indicate kidney disease or a purple stain may indicate high cholesterol or bronchitis.

If you want to have a definitive diagnosis, we recommend that you contact your doctor. Perhaps the spoon test can help you prevent a disease that may progress before you realize it.

Wishing you a healthy life! 

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