Have Hemorrhoids Complaint? Foods For You To Consume? Foods You Should Stay Away From?


Foods To Consume For Hemorrhoids Complaint

Hemorrhoids are mostly manifested by swelling in the mouth of the anus, bleeding and itching in the anus. Pregnancy, obesity, long-term sitting, constipation, etc. are the main causes of this disease.

Unfortunately, for these reasons, many people are faced with hemorrhoids at any time in their lives. Treatment options include medication, ointment use, or surgery. However, consuming certain foods also reduces your hemorrhoid complaints. Here are these foods…


Constipation is one of the biggest factors in the growth of hemorrhoids. But, cereals facilitate digestion thanks to the high fiber content.

Foods, Fruits and Vegetables High in Fiber

The fiber in the food stimulates the intestines, softens the feces and helps to remove them from the body without having to force them. In other words, it prevents constipation. What’s more, fresh fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system.

Among the fruit and vegetables rich in fiber, apples, pears, avocados, artichokes, peas, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables and beans are among the first.

Yoghurt and Kefir

Yoghurt and kefir support good bacteria (probiotics) found in the intestines and used during the digestion of foods. Thus, the intestines grind food more easily and the chance of constipation reduces. Kefir is also effective in removing inflammation in the body.

So, you can eliminate your hemorrhoids complaints or you can prevent the formation of hemorrhoids by consuming yoghurt regularly. We also recommend you to drink a glass of kefir each day.

Liquid Consumption (Water, Fruit Juice, Herbal Tea)

Apart from water, drinking herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices having fiber will help to reduce your hemorrhoid complaints.

If You Have Hemorrhoids Stay Away From This Foods

– Coffee

Caffeine causes the body to become dehydrated. In addition, it can cause laxative effect and stimulate the digestive system and disrupt the toilet pattern.

– Spices, Hot Sauces

Since spices pass through the intestines half digested, consumption of them and hot sauces can increase your hemorrhoids complaints.

– Fried Foods

Fried foods containing high amounts of sodium can increase blood pressure. So, they may lead to swelling of the vessels causing hemorrhoids.

– Fast Foods

Finally, fast foods containing saturated fat make digestion difficult and lead to constipation. 


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