Harmful To The Body If You Consume These Minerals More Than Enough!


Our body needs a sufficient amount of minerals. But, if you consume some of these minerals more than body needs, it damages your body. Even much of these minerals accumulates in your brain and invites diseases? In this article, we have discussed how these minerals become “deadly”.

We need iron, copper and zinc for our body health. Heart, tooth and bone structure, muscles, cells, reproductive and circulatory systems also work healthy thanks to these minerals. However, excessive intake of these minerals, which are also a metal, creates a toxic effect on the body and negatively affects the health of the brain. Therefore, it is important to get the right mineral in the right amount and in sufficient quantity. Here are these minerals that are harmful to the health if you take more than enough…

Minerals You Need To Be Careful While Consuming


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Offal, meat types, fish, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts contain high amounts of zinc. Brain cells use zinc to communicate with each other. While the daily zinc need of adults is 3 mg, excessive zinc intake has a toxic effect and prepares the ground for plaque formation in the brain.


Adults need 900 micrograms of copper per day. Offal, fish, sesame, peanut, legumes, green vegetables contain high amounts of copper, while grains contain medium amount of copper.

So what happens when you take too much copper into your body? Copper is oxidized in the body and can cause the production of free radicals which are the destructive oxygen molecules. Free radicals also damage brain cells and accelerate aging.


The daily iron need of adults is 9 mg. High amounts of iron are found in offal, meats, molasses, dried fruits, sesame seeds, legumes, dried tomatoes and eggplants.

Iron contains hemoglobin, a type of iron protein. Hemoglobin gives color to red blood cells in the body and provides oxygen transport. There is also an important relationship between hemoglobin level and cognitive functions.

In case of an excessive iron intake, metabolism cannot remove this surplus from the body, and it begins to accumulate in tissues and organs. As a result, fatigue, weakness, pain, heart disease, diabetes, liver damage and even arteritis can be seen.

So What To Do?

– To consume these minerals as much as the body needs

– To increase vegetable consumption, especially green leafy ones

– To give legumes the place they deserve in the nutrition plan

Wishing you healthy days!

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