Get defined abs with CrossFit and show off your ‘six pack’ this summer

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s maxim: “Sit- ups are done in the kitchen”, which recalls the importance of a good diet to transform fat into muscle, is completed perfectly with CrossFit, a sport that requires the work of the central part of the body.

How to have a six pack of heart attack? The million dollar question now that the bikini operation arrives has your main ally in CrossFit. Perhaps until now you have not considered the practice of this sport to show off a good abdomen this summer, but it is one of the best disciplines to attack abdominal fat, according to experts. Although, like everything else, the results do not occur overnight: consistency is key, you should train at least three times a week and accompany the exercise with a good diet. If you are willing to comply, pay attention.



Alejandro Timoneda, COO of CrossFit Courage, explains the reasons why this functional training that is made up of “constantly varied functional exercises” is a key discipline to work the core .

  1. “The first of them is that there are dozens of movements in which the center of the body intervenes a lot. For example, gymnastic exercises, weightlifting with the bar above the head, as in specific ones of the core , such as the abdominals themselves or bring your feet to the bar. On the one hand, the training itself will work the area and, on the other, there are sequences entirely dedicated to working our abdomen “.

Feet to bar


Overhead Squat or overhead squat


2. “A good diet linked to a high intensity training , such as Crossfit, will always eliminate fat . In the end, CrossFit promotes higher caloric expenditure and greater fat burning. These two factors define the abdomen and that makes it one of the best options you have. ”


You may not understand why a workout like CrossFit burns more fat. Even Timoneda insists that it can be better than cardio if this were our goal. In the end, to mark the abdomen you have to fight the michelin. “A single high-intensity interval training would be enough to stay in shape. It is what is known as the afterburn effect or EPOC. In Spanish, a post-training oxygen debt, which produces a prolonged caloric burning effect.”

This trainer says that combustion is produced by an oxygen debt, by increasing the basal metabolism, in order to access the energy sources of our body. “An example would be when we do weights to failure, we are tightening the abdomen to maintain movement and we improve the muscles because the body directly accesses the energy without using oxygen. It is very fast and therefore applies the reserves, that is, the accumulated body fat “.

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