Facebook tests Hotline, new question and answer platform

Facebook’s Research and Development division launched a new experiment called Hotline, a live question and answer platform.

To give you a clearer idea about this application, for now web, what Facebook launched is a mix of the popular Clubhouse application and also Reddit’s AMAs (Ask Me Anything).

Of course, it has its improvements over those two since it integrates some more features that at first glance make it more interesting.

Facebook Hotline

In addition to audio, hotline offers other options to participate in the sessions (called Show by Hotline) of questions and answers through text and video.

For example users who enter a session can ask their questions to the host through text.

The host is shown live (video) in a small circle and can choose to invite others to answer questions or speak to the audience participating in the show. When one is invited to the “stage” the application only shows the avatar or photo that they have in their profile, by default it does not show live video, it only participates through audio. In this case listeners have an option to activate the video, but according to Techcrunch, in this first stage it still doesn’t work.

There are also some features that we see in other social media apps like the ability to react with emoji, including emoji heart, fire, laugh, clapping hands, and more.

The hosts also have complete control and in case a participant asks a question out of place they can remove it from the list of questions and even expel the person who asked that question.

Also appealing is that Q&A sessions can be recorded for replay at a later time.

Facebook Hotline

For now, the public beta was launched here in the United States and to participate in it you only have to register on the Hotline site to enter the waiting list until you receive the invitation. The subscription is made through a Twitter account (yes, as you read it correctly) and verifying it through a code sent by SMS.

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