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Does Your Hair Not Grow As You Want? Here Are 5 Great Onion Juice Recipes For Desired Hair Growth

onion juice recipes for hair growth

5 Amazing Hair Growth Recipes with Onion Juice

Hair growth rate varies according to genetic features. While some people’s hair grows in a short time, others grow more slowly. If your hair does not grow as you desire despite all your care, these miraculous recipes are for you. Here are hair growth recipes with onion juice that most people don’t know…

According to experts, onion juice has many benefits to hair. Onion juice prevents hair loss and accelerates hair growth with the sulfur it contains. It also has therapeutic effects for scalp diseases such as eczema and fungus. Sulfur, which causes tears while cooking, speeds up the blood circulation in the scalp.

Here are 5 different hair cures prepared with onion juice

Onion Juice Recipe 1


A cap of snake oil

A cap of almond oil

One ampoule of vitamin E

2 onions

Half a liter of water



Firstly, peel off the onions and cut into cubes.

Add water and onions to a pan and let it boil.

Then, leave boiling water to warm.

With the help of a strainer, separate the onion and water from each other and fill the onion juice into an empty bowl.

Add snake oil, almond oil and vitamin E into the onion juice and mix them.

Apply the mixture by massaging your hair.

Finally, wait two hours and rinse your hair.


Recipe 2


4 onions

1 liter of water


Peel and chop the onions.

Boil 1 liter of water in a pot and add the onions and continue boiling for another 10 minutes. Then let the onion juice cool.

Rinse your previously washed hair with onion juice.

Let your hair stand without washing for a day.

You might have a question here like: Does onion juice cause bad smell in the hair? In fact, No! But, if you still feel uncomfortable, you can wash your hair after waiting a few hours.


Onion Juice Recipe 3


A glass of onion juice

An empty bowl

1 tbs of honey


First of all, mix onion juice with a tablespoon of honey in a bowl.

After the honey is completely dissolved, massage it into your scalp.

Leave the mask on your hair for half an hour.

Then, rinse your hair with water only without applying shampoo.

Recipe 4


2 onions

1 liter of water

Cap or scarf


Peel the onions. Add the water to the pan with the onions and let it boil.

After the water is warm, massage it on your scalp. Then, wrap your hair with a cap or scarf.

After waiting for two hours, rinse your hair with water.


Onion Juice Recipe 5


2 onions

Fruit juicer


Use the juicer to extract the juice of 2 onions and massage this juice onto your scalp. After waiting for an hour, rinse your hair by massaging.

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