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Did You Know Pescatarian Diet? What is Pescatarian Diet? Which Foods You’re Free To Eat?

pescatarian diet

Every day a new diet style is coming up. One kind of diet doesn’t include animal foods at all. Another type of diet argues that it is healthy to include all foods. At this stage, what we care is to provide accurate and satisfying information about all these diets for you.

Now, we’ve written another type of diet that we’ve heard about recently: Pescatarian Diet!

What is Pescatarian? What does the Pesketerian Diet include? Which foods are free to eat in this diet?

We have compiled the answers of these questions for you.

The word “Pescatarian” is used for people who consume only seafood among all types of meat. So to be a Pescatarian, it is a must not to eat white and red meat!

As a matter of fact, Pescatarian nutrition is in essence a form of vegetarian nutrition in which sea foods are included. The diet takes its name from the combination of the word “Pesce” in Italian and the word “vegetarian” in English. Not surprisingly, it includes vegetables, fruits, seafood, milk, eggs, nuts and legumes.

An ideal Pescatarian menu should include 50% of all greens, vegetables and fruits, 25% of cereals and carbohydrate group, and 25% of sea foods.

In fact, this diet shows similarities with Mediterranean Diet. Those who apply Pescatarian Diet claim that, when they consume seafood, seasonal fish and vegetables in their daily life, their blood values ​​are quite normal in these days.

Eating mainly fish and vegetables also means you get a high proportion of Omega-3. We already know that Omega 3 prevents amnesia and Alzheimer, it is beneficial for eye health, protects from cardiovascular diseases and strengthens the bones.

Finally, it is worth noting that choosing healthier cooking methods for fish or sea foods will reduce your calories you take daily if you consider to lose weight.

Wishing you a healthy life!

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