Detox cure; What is a Detox Cure? What are the risks of a detox cure?


The term “detox cure” describes a classic treatment method in naturopathy: detoxifying the body. By abstaining from certain foods or a detox diet with detox teas and smoothies, the detoxification organs are primarily supported and relieved, but weight is also lost. Learn here if and what a detox cure brings.

What is a detox cure?

A detox cure is designed to rid the body of toxins, making it one of the purification cures. What exactly is detox? – However, this question cannot be answered so simply. Because there is no uniform definition, which toxins are, which allegedly burden the body, and how exactly they are to be removed.

The representatives of the detox diet proclaim that toxic residues are formed in the body as a result of poor nutrition, pollutants, stress or electrosmog. If there are so many that the organs responsible for their removal can no longer cope with the quantity, the cells become clogged. The result: you feel flabby, your skin becomes pale, and you can develop sleep and metabolic disorders, intestinal problems, or burnout. Therefore, according to the theory, one must detoxify the affected organs, for example the kidneys and liver.

How does a detox cure work?

Some programs envisage an approach similar to juice fasting, with at least 2.5 liters of water and herbal tea, supplemented by a detox smoothie or two, as the only food intake. Others simply ban hyperacidifying foods such as meat, cheese, sweets, white flour products and alcohol, or recommend drinking one or more cups of detox tea daily. Still others work with detox powders and patches.


A classic detox plan could look like this:

It is best to eat a healthy and alkaline diet a few days before the start of the detox cure, avoid meat, coffee, alcohol and sugar as much as possible.

On the first day, the so-called relief day, you should eat only natural, ripe, vegetarian foods to trigger the detox process.  After this, you can replace all daily meals with detox juices or smoothies. If you don’t want to make these yourself or stay away from supermarkets, you can have ready-made detox packages from various providers delivered to your home.

Additionally, it is important to drink much water and herbal tea. The detox cure can also be supported with massages, light yoga, baths, plenty of rest or mouth rinses with oil. As a rule, a detox cure at home lasts one to two weeks.

What does detox cure bring?

There are a handful of clinical studies indicating that a detox cure can help to relieve the liver. One can lose weight due to dietary changes, at least initially (water loss). Some detox programs, where only liquids are consumed, promise a kilo per day.

The principle is simple and easy to carry out. Especially, if you choose a preconfigured detox plan including a detox package, you do not have any extra work. However, they are usually quite expensive.

What are the risks of a detox cure?

At the beginning of a detox cure, you may experience headaches, often feel listless and cold. Sometimes the body also reacts to the change with excessive thirst, diarrhea or sweating. People with kidney damage and acute infections should not take a detox cure.

Detox cure and effectiveness of detox cure

Studies on the effectiveness of a detox cure are not watertight due to the methods used and/or the small number of test subjects. Whether Detox has any effect cannot be determined unequivocally. However, experts assume that the human body has sufficient capabilities of its own to get rid of harmful substances.

You can hear from those who accomplished a Detox cure that they feel better and lighter afterwards. So if you are healthy and want to make up for small changes, you can try it out. However, you can also compensate for occasional gluttony by exercising, avoiding sugar and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Special detoxification products are not necessary to carry out a detox cure. Their effect cannot be proven, but they are usually quite expensive.


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