Dan The Man: Retro fighting game created by the Fruit Ninja team

Each game on Android expresses itself differently, either by its graphic style or by its story. If this game also has an identity and an essence of its own, it makes it an attraction that is difficult to reject so as not to end up installed on our mobiles. This is what happened to us with Dan The Man , a game that dazzles from beginning to end.

One of those titles that is capable of being addictive even in the prologue where the tutorial takes place (which is not exactly short). Despite its simplicity in playability, it has an interesting story and a very successful comic point. But not only that, there are several game modes and a lot of customization behind all that. Let’s see everything that this Halfbrick title entails.

Dan The Man is not a game, it is a series

It is not an ordinary game, nor is it made with an idea carried out from scratch. Both the aesthetics and the context of the title is based on a web series that has nothing to do with the great animated series that marked our time. However, due to ignorance or ignorance, this work has had a surprising popularity, causing a studio as veteran and prestigious as Halfbrick Studios to have set their eyes and wanted to develop a mobile game.

dan the man main menu

What has this series become in its transition to a mobile video game? Well, in an  adventure of platforms and action  that has a retro style that, personally, has fully convinced me, reminding us a lot of what this type of game brought us at the end of the 8-bit cycle and the entire 16-bit era.

We have to confess that we have always enjoyed a lot with this type of proposal, with an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the drawings we saw as a child. We are drawn to the 2D development platform games under horizontal scrolling  in which it is necessary to carefully calculate each of the jumps we execute, precisely this mechanic being the main pillar on which this Halfbrick production rests.

An action-packed title with graphics from the 90’s

This aspect of the title is very successful, as are the rest of its playable sections. And the fact is that the numerous combats  against the adversaries who are rampaging through the funds and who are sometimes capable of ambushing us, are also fun. And three-quarters of the same happens with the exploration of the funds, which present numerous  secret areas  full of coins and other rewards waiting for us to find them.

The game has a story mode that allows you to learn the ins and outs of the game, but it also has a  survival mode and daily events that will take you to special levels in which you will have all kinds of challenges. In addition, we know that Halfbrick usually releases updates full of more content, we are facing a game with which we will have years of non-stop vice.

and the man combates

The development of the dozen levels  that await us, set in several different worlds or areas, are longer than they usually are in other similar games. The combination of the elements that I have just mentioned manages to give the adventure a very remarkable diversity, also being able to use different weapons to get rid of rivals (such as ninja stars, firearms, knives, etc.), being especially useful against final bosses who stalk us from time to time.

As for the handling, the  character’s control is perfect and very precise, something fundamental in this type of video game, although you have to get used to its tactile disposition … unless we play with a controller, which is the most recommended. To move from one level to another we can make use  of the shift minimap that has been created for the occasion, which by the way allows us to visualize the original episodes of the television series, an idea that seems very successful.

We have been pleasantly surprised by details like this one that I have just explained to you, which denote the good work and the effort that the studio has put into creating a title that is as round as possible. On the other hand, it is also possible to  create our own character thanks to a simple editor, something that many users always appreciate.

dan the man game modes

Of course, let’s remember that, at the beginning of the story, we can choose between two fighters, Dan, Josie or Barry (it can be changed at any time) And to round off this work, in addition to the main game mode, another called Battle , which is a kind of quite interesting survival mode that also prolongs the not too long useful life of the title, this being precisely its only major defect.

Like other Halfbrick games, you have a  lot of content to unlock here . As soon as you get the personalized character, you will be able to acquire accessories and clothes to configure it however you want. This custom character (worth the redundancy) will need you to get more money to upgrade his skills and weapons, but you can dress him as a ninja, as a riot cop or with all those customizations that give Dan the Man a very special point.

Are there ads and multiplayer in this Dan The Man?

However, this disadvantage does not seem too important considering that it is a free  to play game   that, also, fortunately and beyond showing certain ads for other titles in the middle of the game and similar small intrusions, has little impact on the development of the adventure. And above it is necessary to mention that the title allows us to overcome sporadic challenges, as well as get hold of the odd expansion. 

and the man historia

In short, Halfbrick Studios has brought us  another huge video game that is fun for the mere fact of jumping and kicking enemies. If we add to this all those customizations, the use of weapons or those special powers with which we can even unleash the dragon’s kick, it becomes one of the best arcades for Android right now. A truly fun and recommended adventure that also has a very funny visual section, highlighting the animations of all the characters and the great colors that the sets give us. Of course, we do not have multiplayer , although it was expected being the type of game that it is.

You have it for free from the Google Play Store with the obvious micropayments and that  premium offer of € 1.99  to obtain 5,000 gold coins, the ninja suit and remove the advertising. That said, advertising is one of its small handicaps, but nothing that will cloud all the fun you will get in return.

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