COPD: The third deadliest disease

In this article, we addressed COPD, the third deadliest disease in the world, and the effects of phytotherapy in the treatment of this disease.

COPD, abbreviation of ‘Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’, ranks third among cardiovascular diseases and fatal diseases following cancer. Smoking is the biggest factor in the emergence of this disease. COPD is generally seen in older ages with a share of 90 percent. Other factors include polluted air, chemical gases and genetic factors.

COPD damages cells in the lung. When irreversible damage occurs, the cells in the lung are deactivated.

A person suffering from COPD develops symptoms such as cough, sputum, shortness of breath, and as a result, the patient experiences a decrease in quality of life and difficulties in business life. The disease has a steadily increasing course. The damage in the lung progresses gradually, after a while the lung starts to be insufficient and lung transplant is required. It should not be forgotten that lung transplantation is much more difficult than other organ transplants.

Treatment of COPD with Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy, also called Herbal Treatment, has very positive and important effects on the course of this disease. Patients who cannot even move from one room to another in the house can regain their health thanks to medicinal plants. Medicinal plants help stabilize the immune system and give serious positive results in the treatment of COPD.

What’s more, phytotherapy helps to dry the inflammation, remove toxic substances through antioxidants and repair damaged cells in the lung.

In addition, probiotics such as vinegar, homemade yoghurts, kefir, are good for repairing the good flora in the intestines. Their use is also very useful in the treatment of allergic diseases.

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