Can We Use Sparkling Water For Skin Care and Beauty?

Sparkling Water For Skin Care

Sparkling water contains silisium substance which is a skin-friendly mineral that supports the body to effectively absorp and digest minerals and vitamins. It strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, thus ensures elasticity of tissues. This feature of silisium tightens the skin and has an effect preventing wrinkles. For skin care, it also helps body and skin relax by removing toxins and remove mimic lines.

So, how can we use sparkling water for skin health and beauty? Very easy, of course! Freeze sparkling water in an ice box and clean your skin with these ice cubes in the mornings. It will also supply water and mineral needed by the skin. As a result, your skin will look smooth and vivid.

So What Should You Pay Attention To While Using It For Skin Care?

– Make sure that sparkling water does not contain nitrite and ammonia.

– Do not use fruit and flavored sparkling waters for skin care. This will not benefit you. But, you can add natural lemon juice into sparkling water, of course.

– It can be used as a face cleanser with some cotton pieces. If you have a sensitive skin, use warm sparkling water, open it and wait for a while to go flat, and then apply it.


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