Can a Mother with Coronavirus Breastfeed Her Baby? Advices to Pregnant Women in the Pandemic Process

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Pregnant women are more susceptible to diseases as their immune systems are suppressed. Therefore, they have a higher risk of coronavirus infection compared to healthy individuals. However, there is no confirmed information yet showing that pregnant women are more sensitive to coronavirus. In other words, there is no evidence that pregnant women are more susceptible to coronavirus and virus causes infection in the womb and passes to the baby.

The treatment of pregnant women infected by coronavirus is equivalent to treatment for other patients, and no other extra precautions or treatment methods are applied for them. Only some pregnant women may experience fetal distress and preterm labor during the disease process.

On the other hand, when it comes to the baby, the placenta acts as a positive filter between the mother and the baby, and with the activation of the immune system, it protects the baby in the womb from the virus.

So How Should Pregnant Women Act in Coronavirus Pandemic?

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First of all, avoid being in public areas and close contact. Don’t stress and panic. You can do light sports and exercise at home to relax. Reading books, listening to music and watching television can be other relaxing alternatives.

Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and take vitamins regularly. Pay attention to your sleep pattern and duration.

Unless there is an emergency situation, postpone your normal routine checks. During this time, be in touch with your doctor over the phone and act in line with his advice and guidance.

Coronavirus does not pass into breast milk. Therefore, the sick mother can breastfeed her baby. The mother and baby should be together in the room, but close contact should be avoided as much as possible. The mother should wear a mask, wash her hands and strictly follow the sterilization rules before touching the baby or baby bottles. 


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