Brat Diet Can Be A Good Option For Your Child’s Stomach Pain or Diarrhea

brat diet children stomach pain

The Word “BRAT” comes from the first letters of Banana-Rice-Applesauce-Toast. It consists of useful foods such as banana-rice-apple-toast that are easy to digest and will be helpful for nausea. But it is a short-term diet for acute diarrhea, food poisoning and stomach disorders.

Here is the logic of the BRAT diet: Since the diet contains foods that are low in fiber, feces solidify, diarrhea decreases. In addition, these foods help to reduce the amount of feces produced by the digestive tract. Thus, they give the intestinal system a time to rest. In addition, since the banana rich in potassium is consumed, nutritional values ​​lost by the body due to diarrhea are regained.

This diet is recommended for women having morning sickness as well as diarrhea treatment. Moreover, pediatricians recommend the BRAT diet to children and babies who occasionally suffer from stomach upset.


Foods To Be Consumed During Diarrhea are:

brat diet banana children stomach pain

– Bone Broth

– Probiotic Foods

– Cereals

– Banana

– Vegetable Juice

– Water


However, there are also foods that you should not consume while you have diarrhea. These are;

– Milk and dairy products

– Foods containing fiber

– Fatty and salty foods,

– Spices-

– Alcohol and beverages with caffeine

– Processed foods


Finally, it is worth remembering that this diet can only be applied for a short time. This diet should not be applied more than 24 hours. If you continue it for a long time, the body’s resistance decreases and the body lacks vital vitamins, proteins and minerals. In addition, it disrupts the body’s electrolyte balance and can lead to malnutrition. 


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