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Best leg exercises for slim legs

In this article, we will try to show the best leg exercises for slim legs – leg exercise alternatives. Go on to see the exercises for slim legs. Below, you will se content about leg exercises for slim legs, Leg exercise; Lunge with alternating jump & with weight, Leg exercise 3: jumping with knees tightened, Leg Exercise 4: Side Leg Raises, Leg Exercise 5: Side Leg Raises – Lower Leg, Leg exercise 6: Side squat with weight.



Best leg exercises for slim legs

Healthy, long-term and lose weight properly You can only do this if you eat a balanced diet and do sport regularly. Women particularly often complain about them cellulites on the thighs. Although the so-called “orange peel” is medically harmless, we women are less happy with it optically.

These seven leg exercises can help you tone your legs, calves, and buttocks. Try to do at least 30 repetitions of each exercise for the best results. Remember to warm up before your workout.

For a healthy body, of course, a balanced, healthy eating immensely important. Read here what your best case scenario is eat before exercise as well as what the right one Post-workout nutrition is.

Leg exercise 1 + 2: Lunge with alternating jump & with weight

Leg exercises for slim legs

Lunges can be trained with body weight. You specifically train the buttocks and thighs, so this leg exercise is especially good for women to tackle the problem areas of legs and buttocks. Stand hip-width apart, your body upright, your abdominal muscles tense. Take a big step forward so that the angle between your thigh and lower leg is about 90 degrees. Your knee should not go beyond the tip of the toe.

Now bring your back knee towards the floor until your lower leg is parallel to the floor. When the lowest point is reached, jump up and switch legs in the air so that the back leg is now in front. Repeat a total of ten times, then gradually increase until you can do 30 reps.

During this exercise, make sure that your stomach is always tense, your back is straight and your arms are hanging loosely or on your hips. If you want even more challenge, you can also use bands for this exercise.

For the second exercise you become one Crack butt add two dumbbells (or water bottles). Stand up hip-width apart again and then bring your back knee towards the floor until your lower leg is parallel to the floor. At the lowest point, push yourself forward again with your back leg. You can also vary the lunges, for example by putting your leg back and then pulling it forward (or vice versa), or running lunges – 30 steps in a row.

Leg exercise; jumping with knees tightened

Leg exercises for slim legs

Stand up hip-width apart again, bend your knees a little and stretch your arms slightly backwards. Now jump straight up, pulling your knees in as far as you can, and touching your hands. The tips of your feet are in the air.

This exercise is more strenuous than the others, so take it slowly: do three sets of ten jumps each. Due to the high load, your body burns many calories during sports exercises and also trains your leg and buttock muscles here.

Leg Exercise: Side Leg Raises

Leg exercises for slim legs

This exercise strengthens both the outer thigh muscles as well as the buttocks muscles.

Lie on your side, supporting your head with your lower arm. With the other hand you can stabilize yourself a little by pressing it on the floor in front of your stomach. Now slowly lift the upper leg and put it down again, the tip of the foot should rather point downwards. Repeat this 30 times if possible, then switch sides.

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Leg Exercise 5: Side Leg Raises – Lower Leg

This strength exercise strengthens the inner leg muscles in particular. To do this, lie on your side again and support your head. Now pull your upper leg up and place your foot in front of your hips. You can also hold the leg with the upper hand.

Now slowly lift your lower leg up and down, about 30 times. Then switch sides.

Leg exercise 6: Side squat with weight

This strength exercise strengthens the buttocks and leg muscles in particular. First, stand hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in your right hand. Now take a step to the left with your left leg and lower yourself down until the left leg is at a 90-degree angle. Now push yourself up again. Repeat this exercise about 15 times on each side and increase until you can do 30 sets.

You can also get creative with the additional weight and should be based on your physical abilities: whether dumbbells, core bags or simply water bottles is up to you.

Alternative exercice

With this exercise you can work your stomach, legs and buttocks at the same time. To do this, stand on four feet, so your legs should be hip-width apart and your forearms shoulder-width apart. Now lift one leg until the leg forms a straight line with your back – now bend the knee so that it forms a roughly 90-degree angle.

Now bring the soles of your feet towards the ceiling as high as you can, then lower them back down to about hip height. Repeat this exercise about 30 times for each leg. Beginners can also use their hands to support themselves, which makes the exercise a little easier.

This exercise can also be varied in many ways, for example lifting your legs to the side or using your feet instead of your knees. Here you will find suitable sports equipment for your home.


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