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Benefits of lavender – What are benefits of Lavender Oil?

Lavender is a herb known only for its fragrance in general. However, this beautiful plant is actually very useful for human health. We have listed the benefits of lavender in this article. Here are the benefits of lavender that you will hear for the first time;


Benefits of lavender - What are benefits of Lavender Oil?

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Lavender is a very beautiful plant with miraculous effects. Many of us only know lavender with its scent, but lavender is also very beneficial for health. It occupies an important place in traditional treatment methods and positively affects human health. This floral plant and its oil have pain-relieving features and it has been used in herbal treatment for centuries, even in wars. It belongs to the Mediterranean vegetation, continues along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and has a large vegetation area.

Lavender oil is in good harmony with many oils such as lavender oil, cedarwood, pine, sage, geranium, and coconut. Lavender oil provides a lot of benefits like its essence. Let’s look at the benefits of lavender oil together.

What Are the Benefits of Lavender?

Benefits of lavender - What are benefits of Lavender Oil?

– Relieves pain, good pain reliever

Lavender oil is a very good wound healing and can be used to treat burns. Moreover, it has proven to be effective in eliminating problems that cause headaches, especially migraines. When you have a headache, you can massage your temples with a few drops of oil. Likewise, when you have back pain, you can apply lavender oil to your back by mixing it with coconut oil.

– Reduces anxiety and stress

Lavender is good for depression, calms anxiety, and stress. Scientific research has revealed that lavender reduces the risk of psychological problems such as stress and irritability by renewing nerve cells.

– Good for the skin and skincare

If you regularly care for your skin, you can improve it by using lavender water. Especially when you have irritated or dry skin, you can just spray lavender water in that area and see the difference. This can also work in chronic conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

– Solves sleep problems

If you regularly struggle with insomnia or related sleep problems, you can use lavender in order to solve your problem. For this, putting and drinking a few lavender flowers in hot water will bring you a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

– It is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Anti-inflammatory ingredients of lavender can help reduce inflammation in the body. If you add lavender flowers to your bath water and leave them for a long time, you can reduce inflammation in your body.  Lavender is also a good antioxidant and it removes harmful cells in the body through the urinary tract and prevents stone formation in the kidneys.



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