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Beauty Care At Home With Self-Lifting Method

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Our face is worn and wrinkled due to factors such as weather conditions, emotional and hormonal changes, diseases we experience, especially stress in daily life. Problems in the internal organs cause color change, stiffness, black and white spots, dryness, fine and deep lines on the face. For example, characteristic lines on the smile line indicate a disorder in the intestines. Under eye bags may be a sign of discomfort in the kidneys. First we have to remind you of that that the ailments causing above-mentioned symptoms should be detected and treated for facial beauty care.

On the other hand, we try to eliminate the negative effects of factors mentioned on the face with other solutions like face masks, anti-aging or wrinkle creams. But, in this article, we will talk about the Self-Lifting method that you can apply at home.

Benefits of Self-Lifting Method

The Self-Lifting method is actually a massage technique that women and  men of all ages can apply. The application is based on making accurate touches to the right points. The right touches stimulate the muscles on the face and the tissue underneath. It provides excretion of toxins by increasing blood circulation. By this way, it also helps reduce blemishes and acne and makes the skin look younger and brighter. These touches also help improve facial contours by reducing puffiness and swelling on the skin.

Moreover, the Self-Lifting method stimulates collagen and elastin production and increases the release of seratonin and endorphins. Finally, this massage technique regulates facial muscle tone, clears up  sagging areas and makes facial contours clear.

Content of Self-Lifting Method

The earlier you apply this method, the wrinkle depth can decrease in a shorter time and will be even easier to prevent wrinkles. Self-lifting trainings take an average of 1 hour. There are 15 different movements in the content of the technique. You should continue to practice these movements regularly at home.

After about 1 month, you start getting the results and the natural botox effect appears on your face.

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