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Baby Foods – 3 Practical Baby Food Recipes

You can find hundreds of delicious baby foods and meal recipes for your baby and kid. If you are looking for baby food alternatives, you are in the right place. In this article, we will list delicious baby food recipes. Do not wait and try these delicious baby foods.

Baby Foods and Baby Food Recipes

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The health of our babies and children is the most important thing in this life. It is vitally important for babies who are in the process of rapid growth to obtain the vitamins and minerals they need.  Instead of feeding your baby with snacks and unhealthy foods, you can feed them with homemade delicious baby foods. By preparing such healthy baby meals, you can both contribute to your baby’s development and save them from many unhealthy food alternatives.

Best Baby Foods – Healthy Baby Food Recipes

Baby Foods and Baby Food Recipes

Baby and kid meals are very special, but many of the recipes we provide below are recipes that you can eat with your family.  Bon Appetit!

1- Potato Toast Recipe

One of the most delicious and practical recipes you can try among baby foods is potato toast. You can consume this alternative as a family. All ingredients you need are a potato,  a slice of cheese and egg yolk. To prepare the potato toast, grate the potato and then squeeze and separate the juice. Then grate the cheese and add it to the potato. Add the egg over the potato and cheese mixture and mix well. Put the mixture you prepared in the toaster and cook both sides (take it from the toaster before it dries much).


2- Baby Meatballs

If your baby is older than 10 months, you can cook a delicious meatball. The recipe we provide below is one of the richest baby meals. It contains lamb, bread and a small amount of onion. Egg yolk is another ingredient you need to make the meatballs more delicious. In order to prepare this delicious baby food recipe, combine all the ingredients, knead and mix well. Give the shape of small meatballs and cook in a low-fat pan or grill.


3- Vegetable Puree

All ingredients you need to make a delicious vegetable puree are half of a potato, a bell pepper, half carrot and 1 sprig of parsley.

This baby meal is one of the easiest of all baby foods. Just peel the vegetables and wash them in cubes, add the parsley to the vegetables, steam or boil them. Add the vegetables with a small amount of cooking water into the mixer. Your baby’s vegetable puree is now ready.


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